Wednesday, September 13, 2017

What to Wear When Expecting a Food Baby

Hey Friends!

Today, I'm going to give you my two-cents on what to wear when you're going on a lunch date to an Indian buffet and how to accommodate the inevitable food baby. First off, I like to pretend not to be a buffet person. I like to pretend I am above it. "Ugh, how gluttonous and tacky." Mention Golden Corral and see me scoff with condescending disapproval. I am going to come right out and say it's all a facade because Indian lunch buffets are amazing, and I am not ashamed to admit it. The first time I went to an Indian restaurant I had no idea what to order because I had no idea what anything was. D lived in Fiji for two years and ate Indian nearly daily as most people he lived amongst were Indian. Asking, "D, whats a roti? What's a masala? What's a paneer?" over and over. It's annoying, right? If you've never tried Indian before I highly recommend it. D and I love it because there are plenty of meat options for him and many veggie friendly options for me. Considering I have a fear of ordering food I don't like and feeling compelled to eat it, buffets are a safeguard against that. I would never ever ever send something back simply because I ordered something I didn't like. I realized a majority of Indian places have an affordable lunch buffet during weekdays, which is a perfect way to avoid ordering an unfavorable dish. It is a great way to attach names to dishes and see what's good through multiple trips over to the buffet line and multiple (emphasis on multiple) plates back to the table. 

So, you may ask yourself, "what do I wear to an Indian buffet" (Or any large meal for that matter)? Well, you'll never ask yourself that, but if you do plan on going anytime soon, heed my advice and you will be prepared to make the absolute most of your overindulgent experience. 


1. Wear something loose and baggy: A maternity-style dress should do just fine. You may not be having a human baby but you will have a food baby and food pregnancy is super uncomfortable in jeans or form-fitting tops. Don't wear a belt because then you'll have to discretely loosen it throughout your meal under the table. We've all done it. Be loose and free and you'll never have to worry about visibly coming home five pounds heavier. Check out all that extra space in my dress. Space = more room for rice.  

2. Don't wear expensive things: Don't wear white and don't wear something expensive. Indian food is usually based in vividly-colored sauces and it will get messy. No one wants a yellow, orange, or red stain down their top. D told me that Indo-Fijians eat with their hands. You don't have to do that if you don't want to, but if you do, don't be dressed in your finest. Wear something you can toss in the wash easily. No "dry clean only" allowed. I am wearing an affordable and practical LuLaRoe Carley dress that I was generously given as a gift from one of my best friends before I moved to Florida. Thank you Mo! 

 3. Wear flats: You will be making multiple trips to the buffet line and back and you want to be fast, agile, and stable. Don't risk wobbling in heels and dropping that beautiful plate of pilaf, naan, aloo gobi, and vegetable curry. Just don't. My secure and comfortable sandals are from T.J. Maxx, Madden Girl. Let nothing slow you down.

4. You're going to need a bigger bag: I would 94% most-likely never do this, but if you want to sneak a fluffy garlic naan home for your family/friends/dog/self, you can only do that successfully with a bigger bag! Don't put it in your pocket to save it for later (talking to you Napoleon Dynamite). I typically only use a teeny tiny cross body bag because I only carry my phone, chapstick, and cash - so this festive shell purse leaves far more room for naan neatly wrapped in a napkin *shhhh.* Plus, some places actually charge extra for leftover food, so always bring a bag. This purse is from ASOS and it could be a little bigger but couldn't be more appropriate for Florida living.

 5. No bras allowed: I basically never wear bras and one of those reasons is that they make me feel so constricted. You want all the room available to gorge yourself with food. Any slight discomfort can hinder your experience. Don't wear uncomfortable or constricting undergarments. Be free! A low-intensity sports bra could work too if you're afraid of bouncing your way back and forth from line to table.

6. Forget hair and makeup: As you can see I only curled half my hair. It was an accident. But it also doesn't even matter because the only thing you should be concerned about is your food and maybe your date. Chances are, if you're eating at 1:30pm on a Tuesday, you and your table mates will be the only ones there. That is good for two reasons: 1. Nobody is going to judge and 2. More food for you. And that's what its all about. Try something new and enjoy yourself. Indian food is awesome and you will conceive a food baby, guaranteed. I mean, worst case scenario, if some dishes are a little too much, there's always bread and rice, and everyone loves bread and rice. Carbs! Carbs! Carbs!

Dress: See local LuLaRoe consultant for more colors of the Carly dress. I know an awesome one if you need help!
Bag: Similar, yet more fun style here
Shoes: Similar here

Do you have a comfortable go-to dress or outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Most Versatile Heels

Hey everyone!

I call this dressy-casual outfit featured today: "fifty shades of pale." But before I get to that, let me tell you where I've been. 

Maybe you noticed but most likely haven't, I've been MIA for a few weeks. That makes me sad because I really intend to be super-consistent with at least one post per week. I will make up for it! My excuse for this being that suddenly D got an offer to work in Orlando for a little and we had to jump on the opportunity as fast as possible. I did four shoots with friends and one with a professional, but never got around to writing anything worthwhile. I am sorry for that. Anyway, within a two-week period I found a place to live, bought a new Jetta (I bought my own car!! I still can't get over that), and drove over twelve hours to Orlando, Florida. 

Orlando is so awesome and I am so happy to be here. I am close to Disney, Universal, various beaches, etc. However, there are some serious cons. First being that I will miss Fall in Virginia. That is okay though because I will be able to swim and go to the beach in the mean time. Second, I will miss Halloween. I had intentions to do a series of awesome, easy, halloween costume ideas throughout October in the multi-colored Shenandoah Mountains. Because I had to pack a minimum and leave a vast majority of my clothes, shoes, and accessories in Virginia, I have way less options for costumes, and less than optimal background options (palm trees and Maleficent looks don't mesh too well IMO). Maybe I can whip some easy looks together, but more than likely I will focus more on swimwear and vacation wear (which is my second favorite thing to Halloween/Fall). 

I have no coats (not even a jacket), no boots, no scarves, no Christmas sweaters.

Anyway, let's get back to the reason I am posting today. For this look I wanted to show you something easy, casual, modest, and affordable. My favorite thing about this outfit are the SHOES. As ridiculous as it may be, I have not owned a classic pair of nude heels in a long time. I have a pair of brown pumps and have been using them in place of a nude staple. Considering I had a wedding to attend about a month ago, I thought I would treat myself to a single-strap nude heel. 

This style has been around for a while and I knew I couldn't avoid them much longer. I am so glad I finally sucked it up and bought them. I went to DSW and found these Steve Madden patent heels for $60. Yes, that is more than I am typically willing to spend but here's why: These are a classic and timeless staple. You can wear them with almost anything at anytime. I chose patent over suede to increase seasonal wear. Another reason I spent a little more is because the last nude sandal I bought was super-cheap and my heel broke within the first week (buy nice or buy twice). So, for certain pieces like these, it is okay to research around and spend a little more. I think this is a great shoe because it is elongating and because that single-toe strap is a tad wider, increasing comfort, and lengthening wear-time. I wore these for a wedding and reception and never once felt uncomfortable. I highly recommend these if you're looking for a shoe you can wear to church every single (non-snowy) Sunday for all time and eternity.   

Bag is Kate Spade from Nordstrom Rack - similar HERE
 Top is Free People from Lord and Taylor - similar HERE
Skirt is ASOS brand from ASOS - similar HERE
Shoes are Steve Madden from DSW - These shoes are called the "Reno Sandal"  EXACT HERE

My best friend B took these pics and gave my boring-pose-self lots of great direction. Thanks B!

Find the "Reno Sandal" here
Picture from DSW

What do you think of this look and shoe? Kindly let me know in the comments below and share if you enjoyed it!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Halloween Costume Tips

Hey friends!

Today as I sat in the bath at 6:00am with a UTI, as per usual, chugging water and dousing myself in peppermint oil, I started pondering the joys of this upcoming season. As I was most definitely not cut out for summer (pale, hairy, can't wear short shorts, etc), Fall is my jam. Yeah yeah... I know. Every basic white girl loves fall. While I don't care for pumpkin spice lattes (what's a latte anyway? #mormonproblems), Halloween is the highlight of my year. Ever since my childhood I have anxiously awaited the crisp air and creepy ambiance of October. In a home video from 1999 I stand in front of the camera in my yearly witch costume, with a green glow stick illuminating my face, excitedly exclaiming, "It's creepy tonight, mom! It's creepy out, right?"
Halloween has been part of my identity since childhood. 

Anyway, last October I threw a Halloween themed dinner party, "Practice Thanksgiving," as my family calls it. I sent formal invitations and asked that the guests arrive in their "Halloween best." As the date moved closer my mom informed me that dressing up in costumes, "stresses people out." I couldn't believe it. So here for this post I want to give you some super easy tips to make sure you show up this coming season looking awesome. Just don't be boring. Don't be that person... Mom.  

1. Wear ears: While that probably brings imagery of Mean Girls, "I'm a mouse, duh," it doesn't mean you have to wear lingerie and some random animal ears. In fact, all you have to do is wear your normal clothes. Your favorite black dress, plus black cat years, and perhaps a black nose dot (if you're feeling bold), and you have a legitimate and acceptable costume. That goes for all ears; mouse, cat, bunny, unicorn horn, zebra, IDGAF, it counts, okay? You guys, it is so easy and costs almost nothing! Remember, regular clothes plus ears is all it takes.

2. Group it up: Now, doing a group costume can be super awesome and fun. Here's the only hangup, in order to accomplish the group costume you need two things; creativity and friends. As much as I would LOVE to do a group costume and definitely have the creativity to do so, I have no friends. So, for those of you out there who have a clique, brainstorm now! Personally, I've always dreamed of being a polygamist for Halloween. I can do that because I'm Mormon. A less offensive idea that some cool girls did in high school that I haven't seen a million times already, was the seven deadly sins. It was creative and well executed. Each girl dressed according to their assigned sin. If I had six friends I would probably be gluttony. Another thing college girls like to do is all dress as the same thing in different colors. For example, while completely overdone, I've seen lots of girls dress at loofas. When you do a costume of that style, you have no limit to the amount that can participate (you know, for when you have a lot of friends). However, If you want to be the Powerpuff Girls, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, or whatever, you should definitely have an exact number. 

3. Take advantage of how you already look: I'm not saying that you're scary enough as is. I am saying that if you work with what you've got, you're costume has an incredible advantage and likely-hood to be awesome and memorable. I happen to resemble Scotty P. from We're the Millers. You don't know who that is but I'm sure you've seen the white trash looking kid with, "No Ragrets," tattooed to his chest in memes on FB. Well, I look weirdly exactly like him so I work with it. All I had to do was toss on a wife beater, eyeliner my tattoo on, and put on a hat. My big jaw and Adam's apple was the icing on the cake. In five minutes I had a decent costume. A girl from work once bluntly told me I should be a skeleton because I looked like a skeleton (we weren't even friends yet, is that rude? You know who you are... Joanna). I worked with it and came up with a super cool, pop-culturally relevant costume from her suggestion (Suicide Squad's El Diablo). My sister always joked about resembling Snape. With pure white skin and almost black hair, my Snow White looking sister can rock a Snape costume in seconds with what we have on hand. She wore a black turtleneck with her hair still in the sweater, and a cape. Thats all it took. Lastly, my long-haired, bearded, tall, husband needed last minute costumes two years in a row. The first year all he had to do was shave his mustache and buy a hat/bloody axe to portray a perfect Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. The next year we found my dads suspenders and used the axe from the year before to make a lumberjack costume. I'm a lumbersexual so I particularly enjoyed that look. So, take a look in the mirror or reflect back on any comments people have made about your (pop-culture, historic, real life, etc) doppelgängers and work with it.      

4. DIY: Guys, even if you don't think you're creative enough, do some research and try to do it yourself. I am not suggesting you sew your own costume, that is generally something reserved for the fanatics, but do try to make your costume through things you already have or can find cheap (Goodwill is a DIY goldmine). I went to one of those seasonal pop-up halloween shops this past fall with a friend looking for a cat costume. She picked a cheaply produced pre-made package with a black jumpsuit and all the other typical cat accessories. Of course, my bossy self had to step in and suggest she buy only a versatile plain black jumpsuit and borrow some of my extra ears and wear simple cat makeup. She saved over 50% the pre-made package cost and came out with an awesome costume she can use over and over. Her boyfriend wanted to buy a $50 packaged Superman costume. I suggested ordering a cheap Superman tee on amazon, and just doing that Clark Kent with super man shirt underneath business clothes thing. He won second in our work costume contest! Second to me of course (I voted for myself and won by one point so he basically won).   

4. Be festive: If you can't do anything else just be festive. Wear a sweater with a pumpkin on it. Wear black and orange. Put fake blood (ketchup, am I right) on your clothes. Bring candy. Whatever it is, just don't show up to a party or answer the door for trick or treaters like it's any other day.  

Alright guys, what are your best Halloween tips? If you don't like to dress up, why is that? I would love to hear what you think in the comments below! 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

How to Wear Nude Swimwear Without Looking Nude

Back in 2013, my naive-self thought it would be trendy and cool to wear a nude one-piece. After all, I was living on the coast of North Carolina for a few months and wanted some fun swimwear. I ordered it online because at that time in fashion, one-pieces were hard to come by. The website description labeled the suit as "shiny peach." I suppose it all makes sense now considering peaches are the emoji-epitome of a naked bum.  

As you can see by the photograph below, the suit was neither trendy nor cool, but a terrible fashion choice indeed. "Why are all those guys looking at me?" I thought. "Why are my mom and sister laughing so hard?" Luckily, my sister didn't pass the opportunity to forever preserve my ootd in all its snapchat story glory.  

So, from this experience I learned, you can wear a nude swimsuit, but you have to do it right! Below, I have three other suits, all nude, and none of which make me look 100% pure naked.

For the two bikinis below (*more like 1.5 bikinis below), I found a little hack on wearing nude without looking nude. My trick here was through ruffles and ties. Ruffles stand out and they add texture that is completely unlike being actually nude. My first suit pictured above was completely tight and smooth, like skin. Even though the color of the suit is dangerously close to my skin color, the tie-up front and bottom ruffles mark a clear distinction of what's me and what's the suit.  

Fun fact: My sister made me edit my mega-wedgie out of the picture above before posting it. However, typically I don't alter my photos other than color and exposure. 

Anyway, this suit below is only a different top. I ordered all three pieces from ASOS and they were all from different bikinis. Shopping sales means you have to be creative to find what's left over and in your size. I could make two suits from three pieces for less than $10 each, through sale-hunting. Luckily, the colors were just about a perfect match (to each-other not my skin!). Any difference can't be seen without an up-close comparison.  

While these bikinis were on great sales and feature unique styles, my only problem with them is that they are unlined. A lined suit is a sign of quality, not to mention it makes me feel more comfortable swimming in cold waters, if you know what I mean. eek! 

Lastly, a way to make nude work is by it being far from your skin tone. This last suit works because the nude tone is way more pale than me (thank you spray tan!). It also has a black bottom and black aplique details. Like the two above, this suit is also from an ASOS super-sale. Unfortunately, while it is really cool, made from quality materials, and super affordable, the fit on my body-type is bad enough that I won't be wearing it any time soon. 

Would you ever try a nude-tone suit? Let me know why or why not in the comments below!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

LuLaRoe: How To Style The Julia Dress

Hello Friends! 

Today I am going to show you my last (hopefully just for now!) and favorite look with Karina Jennings and LuLaRoe. Throughout the last three posts I've given you a little background on Karina and the ever-growing brand, LuLaRoe. In quick summary, this LDS-owned company features truly comfortable, modest, cute, quality, unique, versatile, fun, and practical clothing. I didn't know that until I got to know both Karina and the products she introduced me to. This is a brand I am more than happy to support and a cause I believe in. By that I mean, whenever possible, see if you can get what you're looking for through an independent local retailer. 

Julia Dress Pros: So, the "Julia" is a baseball-tee style dress. It is a light, thin, causal, 3/4 sleeved, knee-length dress. Just as with every other LuLaRoe product, this dress comes in what appears to be unlimited colors and patterns. I love this dress because it is cute and comfortable. I can wear it with heels or sneakers. This dress is something I can wear for simply lounging around my house, running errands, or going to church. I understand this dress-style comes in many colors, but I am so happy I scored this classic heathered-blue and coral print because it is so me! 

Julia Dress Cons: *See second to last photo* As you might be able to tell, the dress is thin (which is a pro). With lighter fabrics comes some sheerness in the skirt area. I drive my mom and sister crazy because I refuse to wear slips, so the same goes for this dress. Yes, this fabric can be sheer if I stretch it and there is a back light, but no, I still will not wear a slip.      

Style tips: I dressed this down with some old Vans. I figured with the navy-blue strip on my shoes they would pull this look together, so I suffered through the pain of these uncomfortable shoes for this look that I love. I used no accessories whatsoever because I am not one to wear jewelry often. Basically, simple shoes and this dress alone was all it took to form a cute look. Another way I will be wearing this is with a plaid top tied around my waist with sandals for a casual look. In the fall I will totally wear a long cardigan over this for a cozy look, with short booties. I also plan on throwing on some simple-heeled sandals and maybe a long necklace for church to dress this up while staying comfortable.        

I can't thank Karina enough for this awesome opportunity. After getting a sample of LuLaRoe's most popular styles, I can honestly say I love them all. The Leggings, the Cassie skirt, and Amelia dress were all fantastic products in addition to this Julia dress. These dresses, skirts, and leggings come in so many colors that there is something for everyone. There is no age limit to these classic pieces. The different prints allow a variety of personalities and personal styles to find something that suits them. I prefer more simple, muted colors, and LuLaRoe has more than enough for me. If you like wild, bright, and colorful clothes or accent pieces, then LuLaRoe is for you too. In fact, a couple weeks ago, Karina posted super-fun Disney printed skirts, tops, and dresses on her page! There is something for every body-type as well. If you aren't comfortable in more form-fitting pieces like the Cassie skirt or the Julia dress, try different styling techniques or sizes. Karina will wear a Julia in a couple sizes up for a looser look and longer hem, which is something I would definitely try. I listed some style tips for the Cassie skirt because I was uncomfortable in a pencil skirt. In the end, if you haven't already tried this brand, please do. I promise you won't be disappointed. 

Instagram: @lularoekarinajennings
Cell: 434-962-7180   

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How To Only Shop Sales

For this post, I am going to take you through each piece and tell you how I got it at a severely-discounted rate. I threw this outfit together as an experiment for taking pictures from home, and looking back at the pictures I've realized each piece came from a different type of sale. I want to show you that you can shop and style well through clearances, discount stores, resale apps, and more. You absolutely do not need to spend a ton to form a decent outfit and you don't need the season's newest and latest to look up-to-date.  

Est. full price outfit total: $440
What I payed: $150 (over four years) 

Bag: This bag was originally around $200 from Anthropologie, which was completely out of my budget. I remember the first time I saw it on display at the Tyson's store and said to my friend, "if I were rich, I would buy this right now." I never forgot about it from that point in 2014. The brand is Jasper and Jeera. The bag is meant as a "weekender," meaning it is a perfect-sized duffle for small trips. I am the world's lightest packer, so a weekender is perfect for me. I love the beading, textured fabric, leather details, and medicine-bag-inspired style. I thought about this bag so often due to the collector's gene which I inherited from my dad. Have you ever seen the show American Pickers? Yeah... that's basically what my dad does. Anyway, I waited months until the bag went on an additional sale on cyber Monday. It was about 75% off and I jumped on that opportunity. Weeks later, after emailing and asking where my tracking info was, they cancelled my order. They said that it was out of stock, after reassuring me it was on the way for a month. I was so sad! I know it is just a bag but I couldn't get it off my mind and this only made me want it more. I checked Ebay and other resale sties for years until I found it on my favorite resale App, Poshmark for $100. I ended up getting it for $80. It still had the tags on but it did feel slightly worn. I don't care. I just had to satisfy my multi-year obsession.   

Dress: I was looking for lightweight, modest, summery, Lucky Brand dresses on Poshmark when I scored this dainty dress for just $10. I honestly don't see myself using it that much because it is two pieces (slip and dress), but for that price I don't care if it just hangs in my closet. I know some people are wary of shopping used clothes online. Through Poshmark I haven't had any issues since joining, and people are really good about accurately presenting their products. Despite this dress being used, it was in perfect condition. Unfortunately, it is shorter than I hoped. That is the downside of online shopping through Poshmark because you can't return unless the item is damaged or inaccurately described. 

Duster: I honestly have no idea what that flowy, layered, beige/cream thing is called. Is it a longline kimono? Open Cardigan? Light Chiffon Jacket? D calls it "my cape." I have no idea what it is, but it's definitely beautiful! I found this on a clearance at the Urban Outfitters in Tyson's Corner in 2013. They used to have additional 50% off sale all the time and I had great luck at finding unique things at thrift-store prices. I don't think I've found a great sale there for a few years now. Anyway, This was originally around $100 and I got it for around $30. I have had it for years and I absolutely love it! 

Shoes: I treated myself to these Nine West sandals just last week because, as you already know from all my previous posts, I only have one pair of sandals! Of course I should've gone with something flatter, but these stood out to me as practical (color-wise), comfortable, flattering, and affordable. I paid about $30 for them at the new Saks Off 5th in Fair Lakes. They were originally $79 and you can shop them HERE 

Kindly post your questions, thoughts, or opinions in the comments below!  

Sunday, July 9, 2017

How To Style: LuLaRoe Cassie Skirt

Happy Sunday! 

Today, I am going to quickly show you how I styled the "Cassie" from LuLaRoe, in addition to a review of the product. This is my second-to last-look in collaboration with Karina Jennings. Fun Fact: Karina was the FIRST independent retailer in Virginia! She started selling these cozy and cute pieces a few years ago when she first discovered the brand on social media. Considering there are literally thousands of retailers nationwide today, I love the fact that she was the first here in Virginia and I am so happy to get to work with her and shop with her in the future. 

Okay, so lets talk about the Cassie skirt. I am going to be honest and tell you I do not typically like skirts like this. By that I mean, I do not buy or wear super-stretchy, casual, patterned, tight, midi pencil skirts. It isn't that I don't think they are cute, modest, comfortable, fashionable, etc, because that is absolutely not the case. It is simply that I do not feel comfortable nor confidant in them. It's too much butt or something, I don't know. There was a time where I loved any and all form-fitting dresses and skirts because I felt totally great in them. Somewhere in the past few years something changed (lack of cardio maybe?) and I stupidly became pretty self-conscious in anything form-fitting. I guess it all started when I saw a picture of my butt in a form-fitting dress and realized it was a square all this time and no one told me. Now that is all I think about when I wear tight things. Anyway, I was nervous upon receiving this skirt because I didn't know how it would look and I didn't know how I would style it to cover the square. After discussing my options with Karina and a friend (yes, Morgan... you), I decided to go against both of their thoughtful and smart recommendations and pair it with my favorite top ever (Anthropologie), some heels (Ralph Lauren), and of course my cheap Trader Joe's flowers. P.S. Why do bloggers always haver to refer to them as "blooms?" It gives me the creeps.  

Pros: The Cassie is stretchy, high quality, simple, crazy-comfortable, and highly versatile. 

Cons: If you are not comfortable with your butt or stomach this skirt might not be for you. HOWEVER, you can (and should) still wear it, and wear it well. If you are willing to try it out despite insecurities (everyone has them!), consider my style tips below.   
Tips: You already know I was uncomfortable with this skirt, but I love a style challenge so I was excited to make it work. My biggest tip is to find a top that covers the parts you want to hide. I chose this button-down because the peplum-like shape made me feel more shapely, and more confidant. It took away the square part of my hips and butt to give more of an hourglass illusion. Once I tried these on together I fell in love with this cozy skirt. I also added flattering and elongating heels to enhance the overall look. Another way I can and will style this would be with a light, longer, open cardigan covering the back with a little tied tee showing in the front. What's fun about the Cassie is that due to the fabric it is easy to dress up (like I did below) or dress down. Like I mentioned before, I did not take Karina and Morgan's advice for styling this skirt for this particular look, but their ideas were great. Both recommended a more casual/fun look with something like a simple tee, in pink or blush, tied in the front, and with sandals. Keep that style idea in mind too! 

I did some not-so-extensive research on my go-to page, Google Images, to see how others styled the Cassie. Some ladies wore it as a tube-top with an open cardigan and I noticed others wore it as a scarf. To me, it's like when beauty bloggers make lipstick out of eyeshadow while already having enough actual lipstick to last a lifetime. I prefer to wear things as they are intended but I also love creativity... Whatever floats your boat I suppose:)  

If you would like a Cassie of your own, head to Karina's Facebook or Instagram pages. Find more look ideas and check out which new colors + patterns she has in stock!

Instagram: @lularoekarinajennings
Cell: 434-962-7180
How would you style the Cassie? Let me know in the comments below.