Monday, November 6, 2017

Island Time- Jord Wood Watches

Hey everyone!

I am excited to share with you my very first watch ever! I know, at 24 years old I'm sure it is hard to believe I've gone all this time without a real watch. As someone who likes to have one high-quality version of just about every accessory (ex: sunglasses, bags, shoes, scarves, wallets, etc), it was most-definitely time for a great watch. 

When Jord and I teamed-up for a collaboration I was ecstatic. I instantly fell in love with the unique and timeless wooden designs for men and women. I struggled for a long time trying to pick just one. I ended up with the Cora Series Zebrawood and Turquoise watch. When I received my watch in the mail, I was so impressed with the packaging and beautiful wooden box, enclosing an even more lovely timepiece. I chose this style because it is something I wouldn't normally select for myself. I like simple and neutral colors that don't stand out too much and go with everything. While they had more than enough low-key wooden watches for me to choose from, for some reason, when I saw this turquoise design I was smitten. Something about the turquoise blue face and multi-toned wooden band reminded me of the beach. Perhaps it is the fact I just moved to Florida, but I thought this specific style would be perfect for life in this perpetually beachy state.  

Even though I am still in beach mode and will be skipping out on winter here in the sunshine state, Jord and I are doing an awesome giveaway for the upcoming holiday season. A wooden watch would make a perfect holiday gift for you (treat yo-self, am I right?) or a loved one. Jord has an eclectic selection of men's watches found here and an equally gorgeous variety of women's watches found here. Keep in mind, many of the watches look fantastic as unisex timepieces too. As part of the holiday campaign giveaway we are offering a $100 gift card to go towards a Jord watch for one of my wonderful readers. The best part about this giveaway is that anyone and everyone who fills out the form found here to enter will receive a $25 Jord giftcard!   

My unique wood watch as seen in the photos below can be found here 

Take a look at their watches and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Jord Wooden Watch Cora Series Turquoise and Zebrawood Amelia Blaire

Jord Wooden Watch Cora Series Turquoise and Zebrawood Amelia Blaire

Jord Wooden Watch Cora Series Turquoise and Zebrawood Amelia Blaire

Jord Wooden Watch Cora Series Turquoise and Zebrawood Amelia Blaire

Jord Wooden Watch Amelia Blaire Cora Series Turquoise and Zebrawood

Jord Wooden Watch Cora Series Turquoise and Zebrawood Amelia Blaire

Jord Wooden Watch Cora Series Turquoise and Zebrawood Amelia Blaire

Watch Gift Ideas

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Rainy Day Metallic Pleats

Hey everyone!

Thank you for stopping by. For this little post I am showcasing a skirt that I let sit in my ASOS cart for months and months. I couldn't decide if it was really cool or tacky. After a while I decided that for the sale price it was pretty dang cool. I definitely struggle with styling skirts so a little grey crop top from Forever 21 is the best I could do. I could've done better with the shoe selection too. Oh well! 

Today it is all about the skirt

While ASOS has always featured midi metallic pleats, this season I am seeing them everywhere else! Even though this specific one is now out of stock, a quick search on ASOS (or any other shop for that matter) should provide plenty of varying metallic skirt styles. Here are just a few that I found easily. 

Solid bronze from Ann Taylor $98  
Solid silver from Neiman Marcus on sale $78
Solid gold from Forever 21 $38
Tri-colored from ASOS on sale $58
Black and silver from ASOS $56

Basically, you can find them anywhere right now. Look around and find a fun pleated skirt for fall! I took my photos here in August back in Virginia. However, I think this style is much more suited for fall. Dress for the season with a jacket and booties or heels and a sweater. Have fun!

What do you think of the metallic skirt trend?

Friday, October 27, 2017

My Easy Health Plan

Disclaimer: I am not a professional and my tips listed below are what I do personally and are what work for me. I am not offering any new top-secret information, as most of these tips can be found elsewhere or are common sense. I am not telling you to do this as I am not qualified and what works for me may not work at all for you. Take it with a grain of salt. Just a grain though, because too much sodium is bad. 

Moderation is a key component of my lifestyle (Sorry, I can't get over how pretentious the word "lifestyle" sounds as I've never used it and find it rather obnoxious). Anyway, I am extreme in nothing I do regarding diet and fitness. I have a long, long way to go and I like to think I am always progressing, even if it is slow and even if I backtrack frequently. My reasoning behind this is that I never want to get in a habit that I cannot reasonably maintain throughout my life. I never want to hit a peak in fitness because I ate the most calculated complicated diet and worked out four hours a day. That will only lead to disappointment in the long run. My goal is to be consistent and practical. If you have advice for me or want to share some things that work for you please let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear from you. 

1. Eat *Mostly* Healthy: Make good choices every day and indulge every now and then. Oatmeal with some flax seeds, chia seeds, almond milk, and dried fruit is my cheap and healthy go-to for breakfast. D calls it my bird food, but I feel awesome and full from it every time. I try to eat carbs before I workout or at the beginning of my day and I have protein after my workout. Sometimes I count calories and sometimes I don't. D and I go out to eat about one time per week and it is usually Del Taco or Taco Bell. I can make healthier vegetarian options through simple modifications. I usually sub beef for black beans or potatoes and it is every bit as good.  

2. Just Move: The gym is a big weak spot for me. My whole life I had sports, coaches, and activities to keep me active, even if it was just walking to class in college. Right now I have nothing but a gym membership and I have no clue what I am doing when I go. I wonder around, play on my phone, get bored and go home. I do love group fitness classes and those are a great way to make the most of your time while you're there. If you don't have a gym, I would recommend going on walks. I do not run. I will not run. I will run only in the case of an emergency. I hate it and it stresses me out. However, if you like it, find a safe place to burn some energy. I love walking so much and it is the basis of my "workout." I walk on an incline when at the gym and squeeze my butt muscles while doing so in hopes of developing a bubble butt. I also walk on the stair-master if no one else is monopolizing it. If I don't have access to the gym, I might walk around the block or do crunches during Netflix. 

   3. It's Okay to be Frugal: You do not need to spend a fortune to live a healthy lifestyle. Right now, I really can't afford fresh fruits and vegetables as much as I would love having daily access to them. I get bananas and apples sometimes but there are many days where I eat no fresh fruits or veggies. I know thats probably terrible. For me, eating healthy on a budget consists of frozen fruit, oatmeal, nuts, loads of black beans, tofu, tons of brown rice, greek yogurt, hummus, dark chocolate, tortillas, salsa, and peanut butter. I even recently started eating frozen broccoli (I thought I hated broccoli all this time). I eat very simply and I snack all day long (I call it grazing) rather than cook three full meals. I just can't do that right now, nor do I care to at the moment. "But don't you cook for your husband every night?" -every old lady ever. No, not right now. I have my food and he has his and we are perfectly happy with that. Also, you don't need to wear Lululemon, Nike, Adidas, etc, to have a good workout. Having quality workout clothes is important but $100 for plain, black leggings? Come on. I got almost all my clothes for the gym from T.J Maxx, Poshmark, or the Nike clearance store. I have some nice brands but I will never pay full price for them. Lastly, in regards to frugality, you don't need a fancy membership or personal trainer. You can workout in your living room if you have to. See the Kayla Itsines programs if you don't believe me! I'm sure it would be nice to have a trainer if you can afford it and I plan on having one when I have money (in like forty years) but for now, it is possible to get by without one. Watch youtube, research online, look on Instagram. You have the resources available to come up with a plan.  

4. Set Goals: I am just learning now how important it is to create personal goals, whether it is a total lifestyle renovation or just a goal to make it to the gym a few days a week. It is okay if your goals are small. I recently made a goal to be able to do one pull-up. Just one. It may seem borderline pointless but it is something I can keep in mind while at the gym and I can't wait to achieve that goal and then surpass it. I also have a goal to figure out food prep. I even stole some food prep boxes from my sister, which is a great start. When it comes to goals I think it is super helpful to write them down. I keep them somewhere that I can always see them (whiteboards are the best but a phone note works too). Even a note reminding yourself to drink enough water is helpful.

5. Water is the Essence of Wetness and Wetness is the Essence of Beauty: Basically, just drink water all the time. Don't indulge too much on any other beverage (alcohol, coffee, soda, etc). I really only drink water and occasionally almond milk or apple cider vinegar drinks. Drinking the appropriate amount of water is something I know is extremely beneficial but I still struggle finishing my 64 ounces. I noticed my skin is so much better when I am drinking a lot. When I get UTIs I chug water all night and the next day I am always pleasantly surprised by my skin (while simultaneously disappointed in my hyper-sensitive bladder). Drinking more water makes me feel more full, so I eat less, which is a huge benefit. My waistline is visibly smaller when I am on track with my H20 intake. Most importantly, it helps ward away my UTIs. Strive for clear pee my friends. Set a water goal and see how it positively benefits you!

Here are some pictures in an outfit I got from Old Navy on sale. I have yet to actually work out in a sports bra. I don't really know how I feel about it yet but am open to discussion. I also have yet to workout in this entire ensemble as I feel the pink on pink on pink is a little much. It was the only color on sale! Either way, I think it is a fun set.


What are you favorite healthy lifestyle tips? Let me know in the comments below!  


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Is There Such Thing as Modest Swimwear?

Disclaimer: I am not challenging doctrine of any sort. However, I like discussing culture and standards, especially within the church. I am attempting to be fair and well-rounded in my argument (with myself). Please feel free to comment your own feelings in a kind manner and I will respond with respect and consideration as well. I love creating and engaging in a stimulating argument! Also, throughout most of this post, I am referring to modesty as defined by "physical coverage" because that's the only way a lot of people see it. Take it with a grain of salt.  

I could not sleep tonight and when my mind wanders into a back-and-forth dialogue with itself, I know it means I should just write it out and hopefully fall asleep in doing so. The topic came into my train of thought when I saw a picture of my best friend B in a full-body wet suit on Instagram and thought, "DANG her bum looks awesome!" Which took my mind into a whirlwind of whether or not there is such a thing as modest swimwear. Are the standards we set forth through LDS culture logical? 

First, let me start with a background in case you're non-LDS and lost. As a kid I was told that bikinis are the devil and one-pieces are "modest." Okay, fine. In typical LDS dress we don't wear tank-tops or short-shorts, in addition to other things (good news for me and my big biceps and hairy thighs). I truly love the modesty standards set fourth. I am certainly not a champion of modesty or a great example but I love finding longer-hemmed or sleeved dresses because I feel good in them and think they look great. Plus, I love a good challenge when it comes to shopping with a limited selection for an event (ex: make an original modest Harley Quinn costume in two days). Modesty in daily dress is easy, and pretty clear-cut (mostly thanks to G's- learn more here). However, modesty pertaining to swimwear is where things are significantly more undefined and tricky (*Cue awful terrible Blurred Lines song*).

Now that you understand the basics, let's take this a step further. I've mentioned in posts before that the idea I grew up with (Bikini bad & one-piece good) is absolutely not true. How so? Well, simply put, a one-piece can be immensely revealing (I would know, I have some) and a bikini can offer plenty of coverage. "BUT BIKINI BAD!" No. "Modest bikini" is not an oxymoron. For example, a bikini that features a higher neck (no cleavage at all), a high waist (leaving maybe a three inch strip of rib- oh soOOoo sexy), and a full-coverage 50's style bottom could be incredibly modest. I own one-pieces that have a high-cut leg, minimal butt coverage, a low back, side-boob galore, and some front cleavage-all at once! But hey, my stomach is covered so I am in the clear, right? I find the, "how dare your swimsuit be split into two separate pieces," concept beyond illogical.
A one-piece with a cleavage concealing top half and a decent amount of butt-coverage is super revealing compared to daily LDS dress. Yet it is considered ideal or "the norm" for swimwear. So why is that idealized suit, give or take a little coverage, where we consider a suit in the clear? What about a bikini with short-sleeves paired with a high waist bottom? I have one like that. It has far more arm-coverage than your common "modest" one-piece but it is still a bikini and "BIKINI BAD."  

What about your body type? How and why does modest clothing vary by physique? This is where things get super-sloppy and I almost don't even want to mention it. I'm going to try anyway, because I still can't sleep. So, if someone naturally has an exceptionally curvaceous figure through no intention of their own, they need to cover up way more than someone who doesn't. I saw this firsthand at church camp when a friend couldn't find an acceptable pair of pants, not even my baggy sweats, because her bum looked too good according to our councilor. In regards to swimwear, there is no way to hide a big beautiful booty, so no matter what wetsuit you wear, you're still going to flaunt it even if you don't intend to. Can straight and slim women get away with more form-fitting clothing and do the triple D's in the world need to wear something looser to hide their shape? I actually don't know. According to the little religious school I attended and church camp, the answer was always yes. I don't really like that.

Consider this: 
So far I have been using the example of a modest bikini being one that features high-waist bottoms because there is so much coverage. What if I told you that I think a bikini with regular bottoms, revealing a little belly button and abs, but still sufficiently covering the booty and girl parts, could be modest too. *Well that would be blasphemy!* I thought the same thing too until I realized a female stomach is essentially the same as a man's stomach (perhaps less hairy but still). So why is a man's stomach in swimwear totally okay without even a slight consideration that it could possibly be too much skin. They are the same. Many girls-camp-approved one-pieces flaunt cleavage or maybe feature cheeky-style bottoms and no one thinks twice, but show a little stomach or rib and people loose their minds. If all my woman parts are sufficiently concealed in a bikini, and all his man parts are hidden beneath some tropical-printed briefs, while both of our bellies show, then what is the problem? 

Shop this Billabong look here

Now I am going to take this even further. I was bringing up the discussion of leggings and modesty (thats a fun one!) on Facebook and a good friend commented that because of the way modesty is defined in the For the Strength of Youth, they are immodest. Why? Simply because they are "tight and revealing." He isn't wrong and I felt no need to argue. So is the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet where we base most of our modesty standards? From that one small section? I have reason to believe it is exactly that. Feel free to read it for yourself (page 6-7 or click here). It's short and sweet so don't hesitate to click! I really like the pamphlet and I've found much guidance through it. I love how it briefly explains that dressing modestly is a way we show we love, appreciate, and respect our bodies because they are a precious gift. People have varying opinions on ways in which we can respect and appreciate our bodies and that is okay. I am not challenging that. Nudity may empower some while modesty empowers others. That's okay and totally not the point of this post. One thing you will notice while reading the section on modesty is that it fails to mention swimwear. Swimwear has always been a hot topic of discussion within LDS culture because there are no clear-cut standards. So if there are no definitive standards of modesty in regards to swimwear, why do we act like there are? BIKINI BAD! Remember? My best friend B's wet suit is ridiculously modest compared to your average girls-camp-approved one-piece but according to the pamphlet it is still tight and revealing. So what is modesty?

After thinking deeply on this topic for so long, I've narrowed it down to this. First, since there are no clear-cut standards (as it wouldn't even be possible in the first place) you have to make choices according to what you feel is best. I am also not saying you should push all lines as far as you can. Modesty is so much more than what you are or are not wearing. It is more so the manner in which you act and reason behind your selection. Modesty is in your attitude. You can strut down the beach in a wet suit, without an inch of visible skin, flaunting all your curves to those around you, like you're the hottest human in the world. That is not modesty. That being said, you can wear a fuller-coverage bikini with an appropriate attitude of humility and respect and err far more on the side of modesty. It isn't black and white. There is so much more to modesty than square inches of skin exposed vs. covered and we need to drop the idea that it is - immediately. The bottom-line is that you need to do what you feel is right. Consider your surroundings, peers, activity, reasoning behind your swimsuit choice, and comfort level to help make the right decision for you.      

Where is the line?

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

What to Wear When Expecting a Food Baby

Hey Friends!

Today, I'm going to give you my two-cents on what to wear when you're going on a lunch date to an Indian buffet and how to accommodate the inevitable food baby. First off, I like to pretend not to be a buffet person. I like to pretend I am above it. "Ugh, how gluttonous and tacky." Mention Golden Corral and see me scoff with condescending disapproval. I am going to come right out and say it's all a facade because Indian lunch buffets are amazing, and I am not ashamed to admit it. The first time I went to an Indian restaurant I had no idea what to order because I had no idea what anything was. D lived in Fiji for two years and ate Indian nearly daily as most people he lived amongst were Indian. Asking, "D, whats a roti? What's a masala? What's a paneer?" over and over. It's annoying, right? If you've never tried Indian before I highly recommend it. D and I love it because there are plenty of meat options for him and many veggie friendly options for me. Considering I have a fear of ordering food I don't like and feeling compelled to eat it, buffets are a safeguard against that. I would never ever ever send something back simply because I ordered something I didn't like. I realized a majority of Indian places have an affordable lunch buffet during weekdays, which is a perfect way to avoid ordering an unfavorable dish. It is a great way to attach names to dishes and see what's good through multiple trips over to the buffet line and multiple (emphasis on multiple) plates back to the table. 

So, you may ask yourself, "what do I wear to an Indian buffet" (Or any large meal for that matter)? Well, you'll never ask yourself that, but if you do plan on going anytime soon, heed my advice and you will be prepared to make the absolute most of your overindulgent experience. 


1. Wear something loose and baggy: A maternity-style dress should do just fine. You may not be having a human baby but you will have a food baby and food pregnancy is super uncomfortable in jeans or form-fitting tops. Don't wear a belt because then you'll have to discretely loosen it throughout your meal under the table. We've all done it. Be loose and free and you'll never have to worry about visibly coming home five pounds heavier. Check out all that extra space in my dress. Space = more room for rice.  

2. Don't wear expensive things: Don't wear white and don't wear something expensive. Indian food is usually based in vividly-colored sauces and it will get messy. No one wants a yellow, orange, or red stain down their top. D told me that Indo-Fijians eat with their hands. You don't have to do that if you don't want to, but if you do, don't be dressed in your finest. Wear something you can toss in the wash easily. No "dry clean only" allowed. I am wearing an affordable and practical LuLaRoe Carley dress that I was generously given as a gift from one of my best friends before I moved to Florida. Thank you Mo! 

 3. Wear flats: You will be making multiple trips to the buffet line and back and you want to be fast, agile, and stable. Don't risk wobbling in heels and dropping that beautiful plate of pilaf, naan, aloo gobi, and vegetable curry. Just don't. My secure and comfortable sandals are from T.J. Maxx, Madden Girl. Let nothing slow you down.

4. You're going to need a bigger bag: I would 94% most-likely never do this, but if you want to sneak a fluffy garlic naan home for your family/friends/dog/self, you can only do that successfully with a bigger bag! Don't put it in your pocket to save it for later (talking to you Napoleon Dynamite). I typically only use a teeny tiny cross body bag because I only carry my phone, chapstick, and cash - so this festive shell purse leaves far more room for naan neatly wrapped in a napkin *shhhh.* Plus, some places actually charge extra for leftover food, so always bring a bag. This purse is from ASOS and it could be a little bigger but couldn't be more appropriate for Florida living.

 5. No bras allowed: I basically never wear bras and one of those reasons is that they make me feel so constricted. You want all the room available to gorge yourself with food. Any slight discomfort can hinder your experience. Don't wear uncomfortable or constricting undergarments. Be free! A low-intensity sports bra could work too if you're afraid of bouncing your way back and forth from line to table.

6. Forget hair and makeup: As you can see I only curled half my hair. It was an accident. But it also doesn't even matter because the only thing you should be concerned about is your food and maybe your date. Chances are, if you're eating at 1:30pm on a Tuesday, you and your table mates will be the only ones there. That is good for two reasons: 1. Nobody is going to judge and 2. More food for you. And that's what its all about. Try something new and enjoy yourself. Indian food is awesome and you will conceive a food baby, guaranteed. I mean, worst case scenario, if some dishes are a little too much, there's always bread and rice, and everyone loves bread and rice. Carbs! Carbs! Carbs!

Dress: See local LuLaRoe consultant for more colors of the Carly dress. I know an awesome one if you need help!
Bag: Similar, yet more fun style here
Shoes: Similar here

Do you have a comfortable go-to dress or outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Most Versatile Heels

Hey everyone!

I call this dressy-casual outfit featured today: "fifty shades of pale." But before I get to that, let me tell you where I've been. 

Maybe you noticed but most likely haven't, I've been MIA for a few weeks. That makes me sad because I really intend to be super-consistent with at least one post per week. I will make up for it! My excuse for this being that suddenly D got an offer to work in Orlando for a little and we had to jump on the opportunity as fast as possible. I did four shoots with friends and one with a professional, but never got around to writing anything worthwhile. I am sorry for that. Anyway, within a two-week period I found a place to live, bought a new Jetta (I bought my own car!! I still can't get over that), and drove over twelve hours to Orlando, Florida. 

Orlando is so awesome and I am so happy to be here. I am close to Disney, Universal, various beaches, etc. However, there are some serious cons. First being that I will miss Fall in Virginia. That is okay though because I will be able to swim and go to the beach in the mean time. Second, I will miss Halloween. I had intentions to do a series of awesome, easy, halloween costume ideas throughout October in the multi-colored Shenandoah Mountains. Because I had to pack a minimum and leave a vast majority of my clothes, shoes, and accessories in Virginia, I have way less options for costumes, and less than optimal background options (palm trees and Maleficent looks don't mesh too well IMO). Maybe I can whip some easy looks together, but more than likely I will focus more on swimwear and vacation wear (which is my second favorite thing to Halloween/Fall). 

I have no coats (not even a jacket), no boots, no scarves, no Christmas sweaters.

Anyway, let's get back to the reason I am posting today. For this look I wanted to show you something easy, casual, modest, and affordable. My favorite thing about this outfit are the SHOES. As ridiculous as it may be, I have not owned a classic pair of nude heels in a long time. I have a pair of brown pumps and have been using them in place of a nude staple. Considering I had a wedding to attend about a month ago, I thought I would treat myself to a single-strap nude heel. 

This style has been around for a while and I knew I couldn't avoid them much longer. I am so glad I finally sucked it up and bought them. I went to DSW and found these Steve Madden patent heels for $60. Yes, that is more than I am typically willing to spend but here's why: These are a classic and timeless staple. You can wear them with almost anything at anytime. I chose patent over suede to increase seasonal wear. Another reason I spent a little more is because the last nude sandal I bought was super-cheap and my heel broke within the first week (buy nice or buy twice). So, for certain pieces like these, it is okay to research around and spend a little more. I think this is a great shoe because it is elongating and because that single-toe strap is a tad wider, increasing comfort, and lengthening wear-time. I wore these for a wedding and reception and never once felt uncomfortable. I highly recommend these if you're looking for a shoe you can wear to church every single (non-snowy) Sunday for all time and eternity.   

Bag is Kate Spade from Nordstrom Rack - similar HERE
 Top is Free People from Lord and Taylor - similar HERE
Skirt is ASOS brand from ASOS - similar HERE
Shoes are Steve Madden from DSW - These shoes are called the "Reno Sandal"  EXACT HERE

My best friend B took these pics and gave my boring-pose-self lots of great direction. Thanks B!

Find the "Reno Sandal" here
Picture from DSW

What do you think of this look and shoe? Kindly let me know in the comments below and share if you enjoyed it!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Halloween Costume Tips

Hey friends!

Today as I sat in the bath at 6:00am with a UTI, as per usual, chugging water and dousing myself in peppermint oil, I started pondering the joys of this upcoming season. As I was most definitely not cut out for summer (pale, hairy, can't wear short shorts, etc), Fall is my jam. Yeah yeah... I know. Every basic white girl loves fall. While I don't care for pumpkin spice lattes (what's a latte anyway? #mormonproblems), Halloween is the highlight of my year. Ever since my childhood I have anxiously awaited the crisp air and creepy ambiance of October. In a home video from 1999 I stand in front of the camera in my yearly witch costume, with a green glow stick illuminating my face, excitedly exclaiming, "It's creepy tonight, mom! It's creepy out, right?"
Halloween has been part of my identity since childhood. 

Anyway, last October I threw a Halloween themed dinner party, "Practice Thanksgiving," as my family calls it. I sent formal invitations and asked that the guests arrive in their "Halloween best." As the date moved closer my mom informed me that dressing up in costumes, "stresses people out." I couldn't believe it. So here for this post I want to give you some super easy tips to make sure you show up this coming season looking awesome. Just don't be boring. Don't be that person... Mom.  

1. Wear ears: While that probably brings imagery of Mean Girls, "I'm a mouse, duh," it doesn't mean you have to wear lingerie and some random animal ears. In fact, all you have to do is wear your normal clothes. Your favorite black dress, plus black cat years, and perhaps a black nose dot (if you're feeling bold), and you have a legitimate and acceptable costume. That goes for all ears; mouse, cat, bunny, unicorn horn, zebra, IDGAF, it counts, okay? You guys, it is so easy and costs almost nothing! Remember, regular clothes plus ears is all it takes.

2. Group it up: Now, doing a group costume can be super awesome and fun. Here's the only hangup, in order to accomplish the group costume you need two things; creativity and friends. As much as I would LOVE to do a group costume and definitely have the creativity to do so, I have no friends. So, for those of you out there who have a clique, brainstorm now! Personally, I've always dreamed of being a polygamist for Halloween. I can do that because I'm Mormon. A less offensive idea that some cool girls did in high school that I haven't seen a million times already, was the seven deadly sins. It was creative and well executed. Each girl dressed according to their assigned sin. If I had six friends I would probably be gluttony. Another thing college girls like to do is all dress as the same thing in different colors. For example, while completely overdone, I've seen lots of girls dress at loofas. When you do a costume of that style, you have no limit to the amount that can participate (you know, for when you have a lot of friends). However, If you want to be the Powerpuff Girls, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, or whatever, you should definitely have an exact number. 

3. Take advantage of how you already look: I'm not saying that you're scary enough as is. I am saying that if you work with what you've got, you're costume has an incredible advantage and likely-hood to be awesome and memorable. I happen to resemble Scotty P. from We're the Millers. You don't know who that is but I'm sure you've seen the white trash looking kid with, "No Ragrets," tattooed to his chest in memes on FB. Well, I look weirdly exactly like him so I work with it. All I had to do was toss on a wife beater, eyeliner my tattoo on, and put on a hat. My big jaw and Adam's apple was the icing on the cake. In five minutes I had a decent costume. A girl from work once bluntly told me I should be a skeleton because I looked like a skeleton (we weren't even friends yet, is that rude? You know who you are... Joanna). I worked with it and came up with a super cool, pop-culturally relevant costume from her suggestion (Suicide Squad's El Diablo). My sister always joked about resembling Snape. With pure white skin and almost black hair, my Snow White looking sister can rock a Snape costume in seconds with what we have on hand. She wore a black turtleneck with her hair still in the sweater, and a cape. Thats all it took. Lastly, my long-haired, bearded, tall, husband needed last minute costumes two years in a row. The first year all he had to do was shave his mustache and buy a hat/bloody axe to portray a perfect Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. The next year we found my dads suspenders and used the axe from the year before to make a lumberjack costume. I'm a lumbersexual so I particularly enjoyed that look. So, take a look in the mirror or reflect back on any comments people have made about your (pop-culture, historic, real life, etc) doppelgängers and work with it.      

4. DIY: Guys, even if you don't think you're creative enough, do some research and try to do it yourself. I am not suggesting you sew your own costume, that is generally something reserved for the fanatics, but do try to make your costume through things you already have or can find cheap (Goodwill is a DIY goldmine). I went to one of those seasonal pop-up halloween shops this past fall with a friend looking for a cat costume. She picked a cheaply produced pre-made package with a black jumpsuit and all the other typical cat accessories. Of course, my bossy self had to step in and suggest she buy only a versatile plain black jumpsuit and borrow some of my extra ears and wear simple cat makeup. She saved over 50% the pre-made package cost and came out with an awesome costume she can use over and over. Her boyfriend wanted to buy a $50 packaged Superman costume. I suggested ordering a cheap Superman tee on amazon, and just doing that Clark Kent with super man shirt underneath business clothes thing. He won second in our work costume contest! Second to me of course (I voted for myself and won by one point so he basically won).   

4. Be festive: If you can't do anything else just be festive. Wear a sweater with a pumpkin on it. Wear black and orange. Put fake blood (ketchup, am I right) on your clothes. Bring candy. Whatever it is, just don't show up to a party or answer the door for trick or treaters like it's any other day.  

Alright guys, what are your best Halloween tips? If you don't like to dress up, why is that? I would love to hear what you think in the comments below!