Thursday, January 26, 2017

Favorites From The Past

I scanned through my photo library to pull up some (lower quality) pictures that my Instagram husband graciously took of me over the years and seasons. I have not yet been able to make new outfits specifically for the blog but I plan to start very soon! No more Iphone pictures. I am going to figure out my Nikon if its the last thing I do!! At that point I will be posting longer, more-detailed looks into specific outfits. Anyway, it was hard to find ones of just me but here is the best I could do! Some of these are from West Virginia, others from our short time living in North Carolina, and the rest from Virginia. If you have any questions just let me know! 

I am a brunette in some of these. That means they are old pictures. I love being blonde despite being terrible at upkeep. If you're wondering why I "look better with brown hair," its strictly because I used to use tanning beds. I promise the blonde is better! 

Note: Because I am an outfit repeater, you will hopefully see many of these looks again but styled a little better and photographed in detail specifically for the blog! I will also show links to items or similar styles at that point. 

My new and most favorite suit! It is ASOS and it was on clearance for about $24. I spend the money I saved getting a small side zipper added. ASOS suit sizing can be very tricky. I am a size ten in some and a 2 in others.

The details of this INCREDIBLE jacket are not that great in this picture. I will be sure to feature it later on. I honestly just picked this one because my teeny tiny local airpot makes boarding feel like an exclusive celebrity experience! My jacket is from Urban and my leather backpack is ASOS. 

I adore this ASOS pleated midi. I wore it all summer for my job at a National American Miss

Anthropologie clearance dress and probably the most colorful thing I own.
This dress from ASOS is seriously the coolest. I call it my no hugs dress. Spikes, studs, midi, form fitting, long sleeved, and stoned. 

My favorite boots EVER. Sam Edelman. I got these in 2013 and you will be seeing them again.

Another look I can't wait to re-do! This leather skirt was my moms in the 80"s (fav Mean Girls quote). The shoes are ASOS. I love the low-key fembot vibe. My top was a $7 F21 find. I think I wore it almost every day last year. The clutch is Talbots. 

This was my outfit for a Halloween dinner. I also wore it to watch Miss Utah USA (minus the horns...). Shoes, Off Saks. Skirt, Chicwish. Top, again, F21. Horns, DIY.  

Aw.. this was from 2013 when I lived in NC. I just loved this little beach getup. The overalls were from Wet Seal but sure don't look like it. The suit is a nude one piece from American Apparel. I don't wear it anymore because I actually look 100% naked in it.  

This was 2013 but I bought the suit from an ASOS sale in 2012. I believe they still sell similar styles of this in different colors to this day. Very flattering on a variety of body types. 

Last but not least, I wore this as a bridesmaid in my sister-in-law's wedding. What I love about it is that I would never choose to wear red shoes/accents with a black skirt and white top. I am so not good at "pops of color" so I found this outfit to be a challenge for me to put together. The bag is Kate Spade, shoes are Chinese Laundry, & top and skirt are ASOS. 

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