Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fitspo: Bill Belichick

In Honor of the Patriot's Super Bowl win, I've chosen a look to emulate the greatest coach of the season. Now, I don't care for football in the least. However,  I do love both random inspiration and ugly pieces most would pass over. Here we have both. In Arizona when I visit family, there is a Nike store I dream about all year long. It is a last chance clearance store at Arizona Mills mall in Mesa. It is one of two in the whole country. It is not another Nike outlet. It was at that store where my mother-in-law bought thirty (packs of three) Nike socks for $.99 each. This place is my heaven. They usually have very limited stock and sizes. There is one special rack that I carry close to my heart, (no not those, a clothing rack) which features all the left behind and unsold goods. Some of which were samples that never made it into production, like this special ugly hoodie I got for $4.99. When I picked it up I knew I had to have it. D immediately brought to my attention that the only soul on earth to wear a short sleeved hoodie was....
 Bill Belichick. 

Details: Shoes are Adidas (outlet) 
Pants: Nordstrom Rack 
Undershirt: Nike (Only thing I have to show for being a college cheerleader -_-)
Hoodie: The most magical Nike store on earth..I wish it had a link

I tell myself I wanted this look to be realistic. Really, I was just lazy. I had literally just woken up (at eleven but still), having not yet taken care of my face, hair, or teeth till after the shoot for my next shoot. Enjoy me in my most natural form.  

I love how this look gives the impression that....
1. I workout outdoors even when its one degree
 2. I workout in the morning
3. I workout in general
4. I workout in a somewhat decent outfit

Nothing better than an awesome soundtrack on your Iphone 7 plus to get you moving!

This is how you workout too, right?

Great workout guys. In all honestly, I really do like this outfit. 

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