Monday, February 27, 2017

Inspo: Dog Burglar

       After a series of unfortunate events and forgotten clothes, today I ended up doing a burglar look with my neighbor's dog. I typically try to do about two or three looks per week but this week my husband and I's schedules do not coincide at all. I had fifteen minutes because my husband had to go back to work for the next few days and who in the world is going to take my picture? Peabody? Isn't this why I got married in the first place? I ran upstairs to get my outfit together and realized I left it at my apartment. I then thought, "Oh I can quickly do an easy cohesive gym look," (lol who does looks for the gym? Not me irl!) but I left my good gym clothes at my apartment too. My hair was not done, makeup not on, teeth not brushed, and I had fifteen minutes. I grabbed whatever I felt went together, threw it on, and grabbed my camera. Although it was unintentional, I realized this look is pretty good for someone who has to run an errand with no time to get ready.

             1. Grab some sunglasses to cover the eyes, but don't be that person who wears them inside.  
             2. If it is even slightly cold grab a beanie to cover messy, unbrushed, dirty hair. If it is not cold then a baseball hat will do. This one is my dad's barn beanie. Scroll to see why.  
3. Throw on a cozy baggy sweatshirt that covers the fact you're braless. Mine is from Walmart, which is probably where my errand would be anyway. 
4. Find some stretchy workout pants because they aren't just leggings and it makes it look like you care about fitness. 
5. Put on sneakers of some sort. 
6. Bring only essentials (phone, debit, carmex) in a small crossbody.
7. Steal your neighbors dog.

 (I did have Peabody at first because we matched but then Jax showed up so I had to put Pea away)  

Can this please be socially acceptable already?


Top: Hanes from Walmart $5
Pants: Nike from Nordstrom Rack
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Bag: MK
Shoes: Reebok
Dog: Next door
Hat: My dad

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