Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Most Valuable Coat

 I am not going to write much about this one since I wrote enough in the thong post to make up for the next few. I just wanted to post this look to brag about my coat. It was $750 on sale from Bloomingdales. To be honest, that was quite the steal compared to the original price of $1,450. I saved up for a few weeks specifically for this coat. I was late on some bills but it was totally worth it. Sometimes its important to splurge on a coat because that makes your coat warmer and more stylish. It also makes people think you are cool, right? Wrong... and I lied. This coat was only $7.50 from an end of the season sale at Forever 21. It was one of my greatest finds. I regret not buying more of them. It is not uncommon to see bloggers boast a coat upwards of $1,000. The only coat that should cost more than $1,000 is one of those full body coats you use to climb Mount Everest. For a basic and decently comfortable coat that you're probably not going to wear everyday, you don't need to spend a fortune. I find it interesting that I take en equal amount of caution and care while wearing something really cheap v. expensive. My glasses are Ray Bans from Anthropologie, on sale plus an employee family discount. However, my sister recently quit her job and now I don't get a discount. We don't talk anymore. My turtleneck was just as much as my coat from Forever 21. The jeans are Levi's "wedgie fit" in black, also from Antrho. If you have hips, this fit is amazing and I highly recommend them. I don't have any but they look great on my sister  (I'm not about to tell her that though). My shoes are from ASOS. They make my mom mad so that's why I wear them. "I mean, they are interesting," she says. I found this bag in my mom's lifelong purse storage box and I am never giving it back.

Coat/Top: Forever 21 
Glasses: Ray Ban  
Shoes: ASOS
Jeans: Levi's 
Bag: Vintage Coach 

There's that underwear line I mentioned in the last post

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