Friday, February 3, 2017


I thought about my most basic, classic, high quality, and fashionable items in my closet and listed them here for you to see! I recommend all of these things. I believe they are closet staples with a fun and interesting edge. Every woman should have one great red lipstick, a black pencil skirt, a white airy button-down, a cozy robe, a high quality timeless coat, a purse that never goes out of style, and a pair of versatile ankle booties. 

I got these crushed velvet ankle booties from ASOS in 2014. Luckily, you can find similar styles anywhere these days. For a more weather friendly pair go for leather instead of velvet. 

This coat is amazing. It is weatherproof and down. I like how it is not quilted on the outside, but on the inside. I seriously think everyone should invest in a very high-quality coat that will never look dated. This one is from Eddie Bauer. I chose this coat because it wasn't a brand that everyone was after. Last year when I got this, the brand to buy was Patagonia and I wanted to avoid trends. 

I cannot stress enough how wonderful it is to have a white robe! Every time I get home I put this on and I feel like I am at a spa. This one is great because it's not too heavy or light, making it perfect year-round. It was $20 this year from target. 

This is me every single day! My family always makes fun of me for living in a robe. 

"Disorderly" liquid lipstick from Smashbox. You can find this at Ulta or Sephora for around $24. I love this because it is extremely high quality. The color is a very deep and rich red that lasts all day. I prefer my red lipstick to be dark and more of a cool tone. Warmer reds are definitely not for me. 

This Anthropologie front-tie button-down is my favorite shirt. I love it so much that I am afraid to wear it because I know I can't find another one like it. Outside of this specific shirt, I still recommend a classic light button-down. This one can be dressed up or down making it super versatile. It is also airy so I can wear it in the summer when dressing modest is really hard! 

This skirt is my mom's from the 80's. It is real leather and I am obsessed with it because it is high quality, timeless, and fits perfect. I love how clothes in the 80's came in at the waist so much more than they do now. This is a bit edgy, but a plain black pencil that is comfortable and well-made is a wardrobe must. 

Lastly, a classic black crossbody. This one is vintage Coach. It has lasted decades and is still in almost perfect condition. Invest in a bag that will always be in style and will never fall apart. 

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