Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sweatsuit Jumpsuit

Have you ever seen a sweatsuit jumper before? I hadn't, and when I first brought it up to friends and family months ago they thought I was crazy. Sure, jumpsuits are really popular now, but I have yet to see one that is this cozy and casual. I got this on sale a while back and I see now that ASOS has it back in stock! My backpack is faux leather from ASOS and it was also on sale. Recently in church a little boy was unintentionally standing (by standing I mean jumping) on my bag throughout the entirety of Sunday school. That moment reaffirmed my belief in never spending too much on material things that can be easily ruined.   

 For some reason, this look makes me feel like I am waiting at the Elementary School bus stop. Maybe it's the outfit, or maybe it's just that I was standing on a corner. I suppose standing on a corner and only feeling like a kid again is better than feeling like some other special people in society who frequent street corners. Anyway, this was better than waiting at a bus stop because there was no bus, no school, and no gaggle of moms. I recall once upon a time at my bus stop that I stood too close to the stop sign pole and my neighbor's Bernese Mountain Dog mistook my leg for the pole. Peter would never do that because Peter would rather go in the house. Speaking of bathroom preferences, keep those in mind when shopping for jumpsuits. If you're not okay with getting completely naked for a quick bathroom break, then a jumpsuit is not for you.   

Jumpsuit: ASOS found here
Backpack: ASOS similar style here
Shoes: Adidas outlet

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