Friday, March 10, 2017

pt. 1 Ugly Denim: Star Jeans

Part 1 of 3

"But those jeans aren't that ugly." 
1. Yes they are.
2. When you saw them online and not on a real person you thought they were.
3. I really like them...
because they are ugly/different/not in style

I've noticed a trend when my friends and family shuffle through my closet. "I mean, you can pull it off but I could never." I can't stand when people say that. Not that I take it as an offensive backhanded compliment or anything, because I don't. But because people think that in order for them to "pull something off" it has to be something that is 100% socially acceptable and done before. For example, I bought these round, cat-eye sunglasses from a boutique in DC in 2012. I searched online that same day for round, cat-eye sunglasses and it literally did not register a single pair for sale. My friends and family *cough cough Riley* said they were weird "bug" glasses. I loved them and continued to wear them strictly because I liked them. Now, you see them anywhere from Forever 21 to Chanel. They are not "weird" now because they are done. My philosophy is to wear something the moment you decide you like it ,whether it is on trend or not. Maybe it will be "in" one day, but maybe not. It doesn't matter. If a weird trend becomes "in" and you decide you like it at that point, even if you wouldn't have initially, that is fine too! Just wear what you like, whenever you like, and you can pull off anything. 

Pictured below is a pair of ASOS sale jeans. I was looking for some distressed, high-waist, "mom jeans," when I stumbled upon these star print pants. The former being a complete overdone trend I wanted to jump on and try out (despite not being for my body type), the later being something I've never seen. I love finding pieces that mix something trendy and current with something a little different. I picked a super simple sweater from my mom's closet to balance out the bottoms. It was perfect because the longer back covered the fact that mom jeans totally annihilate any form of a butt I might have, but also feature the high-waist due to the shorter front. My shoes are the closest thing I have to a nude heel. I desperately need a simple pair of classic nude sandals or pumps already!

Jeans: ASOS on sale here
Top/Shoes: Ralph Lauren 

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