Monday, April 24, 2017

The Weirdy Bikini

I like ugly clothes. I always have. I suppose I like ugly clothes because they are usually the only things that ever go on super-sales. Therefore, they are only clothes I (can) buy. I guess I had to learn to love them. I thought this suit was especially ugly when browsing swim clearance on It not only features high-waisted bottoms, which definitely aren't for everyone, but also features a high-cut leg. High-cut legs are usually only in one-pieces (or 80's bikinis), so I thought it was a cool combination with the high-waist bottoms. The top is basically a super simple sports bra. It has a cool texture, which reminds me of those shrunken one-size-fits-all 90's stretch tees. The shorts are my best friend (and vacation buddy) B's. She got them from Target. To go along with the 90's feel from this suit, I wore a little black scrunchie. My shoes are just Rainbows. I've had them forever and they are my only sandals. They match everything and are easy to pack when you only fly carry-on, like me. I like this suit because I feel incredibly comfortable, secure, and not over-exposed. This top is exactly what I needed that time I went tubing in Aruba. I didn't notice my string bikini top's left triangle shifted inwards, exposing me to all those around. I have no idea how long it was like that but I also don't care because I never saw any of those people again. Anyway, this is a great suit for doing more than just laying around, which is great for me because I absolutely can't sit still at the beach. I mean, it's not like I am going to tan anyway. 

If it looks like I just woke up in these pictures, it is because I just did. I am wearing a bit of bronzer and some eyeshadow in my crease and on my upper lash line. I have a versaspa spray tan. I highly recommend them for a safer alternative to tanning!  

Most of these photos from my mini trip to Manasota Key, Florida were taken in a driveway of the home we were staying in. It is seriously the most gorgeous driveway ever and only a few yards from the ocean!

Suit: ASOS top here for $9.50 bottom here for $9.00
Shoes: Rainbows here


Oh! How did this get in here?! How cute is my substitute Instagram husband?


  1. So cute! Love those bottoms on you!

  2. How do you make everything look so good?!? I love the cut of those bottoms 🙌🏻😍

  3. I love that bathing suit - I think it is very stylish!