Monday, May 29, 2017

Lululemon "Runsie"

Rompers are fun. I would even go as far as to say that I am okay with guy rompers too. People get so weird about new things even when the overall idea is actually pretty simple. Anyway, a couple  of years ago, I had the bright idea to find a workout romper. Nothing came up with some in-depth google searches except a few super-tacky spandex jumpsuits. A little while later I found that Lululemon came out with a few styles of rompers for running. The one I prefered was called the "runsie!" Based on weird Lululemon forums, the "runsie" was a total bust (at least according to the boring/wealthy Lulu fanatics). I really have no idea why. Perhaps it is, just again, an instance of people being super hostile towards new things. Rompers for casual wear are literally everywhere, yet ones for fitness purposes are still really hard to find today. Through my favorite reselling and shopping app, Poshmark, I found myself a workout romper (or three). 

Anyway, I don't typically do direct sunlight pictures because I just wasn't made for any sort of contact with the sun, but this time I didn't have a choice. It highlights the bits of cellulite that I didn't bother blurring out. Real people have cellulite!  

My makeup is no makeup with the exception of Carmex because I ALWAYS wear my Carmex. I am actually really sweaty too in the photos because it was hot and I like to run full speed on my blades. 

My location is the Food Lion parking lot. hehe. 

My Rollerblades are from Sports Authority and D gets embarrassed to be seen near me when I use them. I have a deep-rooted love for Rollerblades. I even went out for a ride a few hours after I got my wisdom teeth out (also deep rooted). I've always had a pair even though I still can't stop properly. I think rollerblades are super cool. They are like high heels with fitness benefits for those shameless enough to wear them.  

This Lululemon "Runsie" originally sold for about $130. I bought mine for $40 on Poshmark. I have this bright blue one and a charcoal grey. They have built-in undies. So far I've noticed two flaws: they fill up with air when the wind blows (you'll know when you see the pic), and they show sweat with the most severe contrast I've ever seen (shocking, considering Lulu's high-end athletic wear reputation). 

What do you think of this "workout romper?" Let me know in the comments below! 
and YES mom ... I know "it needs to be ironed." 

(who irons workout clothes?!)

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  1. I like the "on the banana" picture haha I wouldn't ever want one because I feel like you would chafe really easily, but it's not ugly or anything. Just not for me.
    This is Rachael. I'm doing anonymous because my phone is hooked up to my husbands Google account lol