Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Iridescent Mermaid Raincoat

 As I walked the crisp and clean streets of Charlottesville, Virginia amidst a heavy rain storm, one lady in a group of women enveloped in dark hooded trench coats turned to me and exclaimed, 
              "Wow! What a perfect jacket to brighten such a dreary day!" 

              This coat is exactly that. With purple, green, and blue shining mermaid hues, this crackly coat is sure to be one thing to look forward to during a stormy day. Rain coats are never really that comfortable and this coat is no exception, unfortunately. However, this is one of those rare times that form overruled function, in my personal opinion. Maybe one day I will invest in a comfortable, high quality, and classic raincoat. For now, however, I am more than happy to call this coat my only option when it comes to protection from the rain. 

             This coat is from ASOS. Specifically, PrettyLittleThing 
     My pants are just simple, black workout leggings from TJ Maxx (Reebok)  
My top is J. Crew
My (only) rain boots are Hunter from Bloomingdales, but you can find these anywhere (I chose the shorter matte boots because if I am going to be basic it might as well be a little different than the tall shiny ones every other blogger has) 
My backpack is from ASOS 
Most importantly, my two bracelets are Alex and Ani. They were a birthday gift from a friend who knows I am on a total iridescent kick! She has been supportive of my blog and weird-buys since day one. It was one of the most thoughtful and kind gifts I have received in a long time. Thank you so much Mo! I love you.  

Thank you D for braving the rain and cold with me. You can clearly see the tension and discomfort in my face as I try to muster up a smile whilst rain drops are splashing in my eyeballs. 


After this coat, I couldn't help but also order this suit because they match so well! Unfortunately, after it arrived I learned it was actually a terrible fit and a sloppily-made product. That never happens with my ASOS orders! Luckily, they make returns free and easy. 


  1. Absolutely love this raincoat!!

  2. Agreed - there is nothing better on a rainy day than a super fun raincoat - or a ducky umbrella which Anne loves!