Friday, May 12, 2017

White Suit No. 1: Granny Suit

 I have two opposing white swimsuits. This suit is the grandma suit of the two. I know you wouldn't think that by looking at it, but it is. This is my second most modest suit, placing only slightly behind my high school dive team suit. By the way, who in the world thought it would be a good idea to let me join the varsity dive team?! One, I can hardly swim in the first place, and two, I got dead last at every single meet ever.

Anyway, a few years ago, before one-pieces were completely main stream, I noticed my favorite bikini blogger, Tash Oakley, in a simple white suit. I looked it up on Amazon and found it for around $30 from Anne Cole. I ordered a size 10 because you have to ORDER UP in one-pieces. I was so nervous that it wouldn't fit. To be honest, it doesn't fit that well. It is a bit short in length and kind of makes me look like a boy in a leotard. I still like it though, and the fact that it is 100% modest (in my opinion) is a huge plus. Why is it a granny suit you might ask? Because at the time of purchase in 2015, in the product reviews the average age for buyers was 85.

Pros: This suit is super high-quality. It is thick and absolutely not see-through when wet. It has a little shelf bra which is a rare find in simple one-pieces like this. Most just flatten you out like a 2x4. Another pro is that it is VERY modest. It has a high back, full coverage bum, full overage chest, and no cutouts (jk thats actually a con IMO).  

Cons: It is so thick that I feel a bit constricted and get hot fast when wearing it on the beach. I hate wearing it on the beach. One-pieces are totally impractical for sand and waves. I would much prefer this suit for a pool. After getting this wet, sand filled the lining and it is still speckled like vanilla bean ice cream. 

My makeup for this look is simply some bronzer on my cheeks and lid crease, dark shadow as a faint eye liner, and my ultimate love, Carmex chapstick. I like it so subtle that once I am done with the pictures, I can go swim in the ocean with no mascara smear fear. <<< My favorite blogger in this suit!
It is unfortunately more than  twice this much now but you can shop it HERE

My cute little photographer. She was a total natural!

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