Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Are LuLaRoe Leggings Really All That?

About a week ago, I met with a local LuLaRoe independent retailer, Karina. While I plan on giving many more details about the brand over the next three posts, I just wanted to give you a heads-up that this is an LDS-owned brand, so all of the clothes are modest! I think that is so cool! That being said, this look features super-soft and stretchy leggings. Leggings have been an item of great debate for a few years now since they became mainstream. Are leggings pants? Are leggings modest? How does one wear leggings? So I just wanted to give you my brief, personal opinion and to answer some of these questions, in addition to reviewing this specific product. 

First, Karina kindly offered me these leggings without the intention of me posting about them. I saw them as something super-cozy and fun that I could lounge around and watch Netflix in. However, they were fun and unlike anything I would typically wear, so I decided to challenge myself to throw them into a wearable outfit. Does it match? Not so much because the shoes threw me off, but I enjoyed wearing it for these photos. I am not saying I would wear this outfit out and about, but it was fun to put together! Pairing super-casual and silly leggings with a top and shoes was no easy task.

I am going to start with discussing the few questions presented earlier regarding leggings. To me, leggings are pants because they function the same way as any other "pants," the only difference being that they are a fairly newer concept and they are TIGHT. I suppose the form-fitting-ness of leggings turns people off to the idea of allowing leggings to fall into the category of "pants." While I believe leggings are pants, tights are not pants, so if leggings are sheer in any way, they don't count. Also, while leggings are technically pants, that doesn't mean you should wear them as such. To me, I will wear them all day, every day, all year long but only with my bum covered (longer tops are a must). That is the way I believe they should be worn in public (unless they are for athletic-wear because I will wear those with my bum exposed, no problem). If you want to wear leggings as pants, butt exposed and all, more power to you. I think that is great but I just wouldn't feel comfortable doing so myself. I think leggings are modest if worn tastefully, as I previously mentioned, with the bum mostly covered! A longer, looser sweater with thick, black leggings and little black booties is my fall and winter go-to. They create a flattering, stylish, and comfortable look.

Pros: Now, this specific product is awesome. I've heard about LuLaRoe a million times but never purchased any of my own. I heard great things about the leggings yet I had no clue how soft, comfortable, and well made they were until I tried these. I was surprised to find my husband D was absolutely crazy about these pants too because of the fabric's super-soft texture and the fun pattern. The waist band, length, width, and overall shape was perfect. I got some Target leggings this past winter and they fit so stiffly and awkwardly. These are definitely the best I've tried. I would love to get some in black for the fall. More pros would be that the leggings are also affordable... in addition to literally everything else from LuLaRoe.   

Cons: They are leggings that fit perfectly so there are no foreseeable cons. My mom lightheartedly said they make my legs look "bigger" in the pictures but I blame the camera angle for that! My only possible con, if I absolutely tried my hardest to find one, would be that I am not a pattern lover in general. Although, the pattern of these is what I find so fun because I would never think to try them! 

The leggings are from Karina Jennings and I would highly recommend following her Instagram and Facebook pages! She is the cutest and I love seeing how she styles the different pieces. If you want to purchase some leggings from Karina you can contact her through any of these methods listed below.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lularoevirginia 
Instagram: lularoekarinajennings
Email: lularoevirginia@gmail.com
Cell: 434-962-7180

I have three more fun, modest, comfortable, affordable, and unique looks coming soon! This is just the warmup. (P.s my top is Urban Outfitters and my shoes are Lucky Brand, but you knew that because I've worn them in the past 100 posts) 


  1. I love these leggings, and I actually love the shoes with them. I do agree with you that I am not a fan of showing the bum with leggings. I think they look super feminine with a flowing shirt or long shirt that is belted.

    1. Thank you for the thoughtful comment! I completely agree. p.s. I can't wait to see our pictures on Anne's site!