Monday, June 12, 2017

Lucky Find Floral Jumpsuit

-Jumper-        -Jumpsuit-        -Romper-         -Bodysuit-       -Pants Suit-
I still don't know the proper name. I've seen all of these used, but for my personal sake, let's stick with jumpsuit. Jumpsuits only recently became incredibly accessible and acceptable. I remember back in 2010 when I saw a lady at a pageant wearing a charcoal-grey, jersey-knit jumpsuit. It was tacky, but I was excited to see something new. Of course jumpsuits have had their share of the trendy spotlight in various decades, but this was my first sighting in my lifetime. Soon after that, I spotted a full body "cat suit" at a Bebe store around Halloween. I figured it was made more for costumes, but I remember saying, "I hope one day it is okay and acceptable to wear full body spandex." I know that's a bit extreme. Since that time I've kept and eye open for cute jumpsuits, but never really seen anything I loved. At the Miss USA 2017 pageant, I noticed most of the contestants wore dressy, sharp jumpsuits for their panel interviews (those take place prior to showtime featured on TV). I don't love jumpsuits that much. but I definitely like the idea. The main reason I struggle with them is because it is surprisingly hard to find a fully-modest one! That's why this post is exciting for me! 
So, I am excited to show you this new, summer-weather ready,  G-approved (for my LDS readers) modest Jumpsuit. This is my first and only jumpsuit I could wear out in a dressier setting or even in hot weather. I do have another one, but it is a full body sweatsuit made more for cold-day loungewear. I posted it back in February HERE. Jumpsuits are usually hard for me to find because most of them fail to meet the modesty standards in which I strive to follow. It is always an open back, super low V,  sleeveless, strapless, etc. When I first saw this suit while browsing the racks at T.J. Maxx during my lunch break, I thought it was too cute to be true. I lifted the hanger and spun it around, positive I would find the catch. Maybe an open back or ridiculously low cleavage? Nope, it was modest all around. The sleeves were cutting it close, just at the border of sleeveless, but it was worth a try. I figured the price would be out of my small range. Nope, it was $19.99 at full-price and I rarely buy at full-price. I took it to the dressing room expecting a terrible fit or something else wrong. I slid it on easily, and waited for the permanent front to back wedgie. Nope, not only did it fit, but it was flattering and comfortable. It is the closest thing to being naked, while actually being fully-covered in a looser-fitting piece. It doesn't get better than that. 

Pros: Everything is covered. Maybe not my armpits but thats okay, I usually shave. It is loose so D and I could fill up on Vietnamese shortly after this shoot. It's one thin layer of a chiffon-like fabric, perfect for hot weather. Since the arm-holes are kind of big, there will be no sweat stains. It is dressy or casual depending on the way you wear it. 

Cons: The arm holes are so wide they show my bra/arm-pits a bit. I really don't care that much. I would prefer more of a sleeve but that is only because I hate that arched, cap-like cut. Totally unflattering on my buff arms. Lastly, you have to get naked to pee.  

My shoes are last season's Lucky Brand and I always wear them with every look because they are my only sandals right now. Even though they are yellow and orange, I wear them with everything.  
The dress is T.J. Maxx (which means I will never be able to find it again, online or in person).  I'm searching everywhere online for a comparable ("similar style") jumpsuit - equally modest, with a similar print, and similar price, but it is impossible. You know I love ASOS, but even they have absolutely no modest, cute, and affordable jumpsuits right now. 

This was a very lucky find. 

What do you think of this jumpsuit? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Love your writing style and your fashion sense. Keep it up!

  2. So funny to read your post as Anne has been in search of the perfect jumpsuit for years. Since it is a whole body item, it is a difficult fit, as you have noted. It is usually ill proportioned; too long in the legs - too short in the body (wedgie!!!) tight in the rear, floppy on top or just plain ugly. So - we share your excitement in finding the elusive perfect jumpsuit! Looks cool, light, flowy (is that a word?) casual/dressy and feminine. Great find indeed!