Thursday, June 1, 2017

My Sister's Closet Boutique

Happy June 1st, everyone!
I was fortunate to be able to team up with My Sister's Closet, a boutique based in Spanish Fork, Utah, to share with you another modest summer look! Now, I've never had the opportunity to visit their boutique in person, but their site is definitely worth checking out. They have affordable, modest clothes in a variety of styles made for just about anyone. In fact, this summer, MSC is launching a new campaign that focuses on the idea of offering styles for women ages 12-90. The idea of catering to such a vast group of women sets this boutique apart. I like that it isn't just for teens and young adults, like most other boutiques. The clothes are mostly modest and the styles vary enough to appeal to a wider audience. Another way this boutique stands out is that all of the items on the site are affordable. From what I've seen, the dresses hit a max-price of about $42, with most being less, which is perfect for me! Lastly, one thing I really appreciate is that this shop has modest clothes that are cute but still summer-appropriate. It is SO hard to be comfortable and cute in modest, hot-weather clothes for the Virginia humidity, so thank you MSC.  

Right now MSC is doing a $300 gift card giveaway. You could seriously get so many dresses with that... Anyway, customers can enter by tagging #mscismyboutique on Instagram. Easy. Find a fun dress and enter (and then share your gift card with me please). 

This exact dress can be found here! 
However, there are so many other styles worth a look. I selected this dress because I wanted something different than anything else I have. My last MSC dress was floral and more fitted, so I wanted this to be the opposite. This dress is 100% cotton and felt awesome on the super hot day in which D and I went out to shoot. I can see myself using it off-the-shoulder over a swimsuit at the beach or dressing it up with heels. The only flaw is that it is bulky because there is so much fabric. I knew that when I selected it though, so it's not a deal breaker.

My yellow suede sandals are Lucky Brand from last year. They are basically sold out everywhere but there are a few left here. I like the little platform-type heel because it adds height but doesn't feel like it. My flowers are from Trader Joe's because who doesn't love TJ's?!

Location: Charlottesville, Va
Makeup: Tarte shadow, NYX contour powder, drugstore liner+mascara, and Carmex chapstick.
Edit: Lightroom
 Accessories: lol I never accessorize 

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  1. I love how you paired the yellow/orange with the blue dress - complementary colors! I also love how you pay attention to the accessories - they really make a difference as in these pictures. Well done.

  2. Post more bikini pics