Monday, June 19, 2017

The Overlooked Dress

It is always a special moment when you're searching the clearance racks and find an amazing piece that is in your size (or at least close enough to make work) and it's the only one left. I almost never shop anywhere other than online, but if I do, the sale racks are my number-one destination and priority. I honestly don't even look at anything else. If I do look at the newer items and fall in love by accident (like what happened with D), I just make a mental note and wait for it to go on sale. This dress was a different story. I went to Target to help my mom get groceries and disappeared into the sale racks, as usual, only to find this denim dress in what appeared to be an infinite quantity of every size. "Something must be wrong with it," I figured. It obviously wasn't very appealing to the typical Target shopper, which made it more appealing to me. I grabbed my size, held it up to my body in the mirror, checked the ridiculously low price tag (somewhere around $12, I believe), and considered it a victory. I rolled it up around its hanger, and strategically slipped it into my mom's cart (some things never change). 

Pros: It is light, practical, perfectly modest, and machine washable. Therefore, I wear it weekly!

Cons: No pockets. 

I wasn't even intending on photographing this look because it is what I wore when I went to shoot the MSCB dress that I posted the other week, but I'm glad I did!

Are you sick of my Lucky Brand sandals yet? I hope not, because you'll be seeing them all summer! They're all I have and I love them. Plus, they lengthen my stubby legs. Whats the point of being an outfit repeater if you're afraid to wear the same shoes for every look?! 

Kindly let me know what you think in the comments below (but not anonymously, ya creeps). 

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