Sunday, July 9, 2017

How To Style: LuLaRoe Cassie Skirt

Happy Sunday! 

Today, I am going to quickly show you how I styled the "Cassie" from LuLaRoe, in addition to a review of the product. This is my second-to last-look in collaboration with Karina Jennings. Fun Fact: Karina was the FIRST independent retailer in Virginia! She started selling these cozy and cute pieces a few years ago when she first discovered the brand on social media. Considering there are literally thousands of retailers nationwide today, I love the fact that she was the first here in Virginia and I am so happy to get to work with her and shop with her in the future. 

Okay, so lets talk about the Cassie skirt. I am going to be honest and tell you I do not typically like skirts like this. By that I mean, I do not buy or wear super-stretchy, casual, patterned, tight, midi pencil skirts. It isn't that I don't think they are cute, modest, comfortable, fashionable, etc, because that is absolutely not the case. It is simply that I do not feel comfortable nor confidant in them. It's too much butt or something, I don't know. There was a time where I loved any and all form-fitting dresses and skirts because I felt totally great in them. Somewhere in the past few years something changed (lack of cardio maybe?) and I stupidly became pretty self-conscious in anything form-fitting. I guess it all started when I saw a picture of my butt in a form-fitting dress and realized it was a square all this time and no one told me. Now that is all I think about when I wear tight things. Anyway, I was nervous upon receiving this skirt because I didn't know how it would look and I didn't know how I would style it to cover the square. After discussing my options with Karina and a friend (yes, Morgan... you), I decided to go against both of their thoughtful and smart recommendations and pair it with my favorite top ever (Anthropologie), some heels (Ralph Lauren), and of course my cheap Trader Joe's flowers. P.S. Why do bloggers always haver to refer to them as "blooms?" It gives me the creeps.  

Pros: The Cassie is stretchy, high quality, simple, crazy-comfortable, and highly versatile. 

Cons: If you are not comfortable with your butt or stomach this skirt might not be for you. HOWEVER, you can (and should) still wear it, and wear it well. If you are willing to try it out despite insecurities (everyone has them!), consider my style tips below.   
Tips: You already know I was uncomfortable with this skirt, but I love a style challenge so I was excited to make it work. My biggest tip is to find a top that covers the parts you want to hide. I chose this button-down because the peplum-like shape made me feel more shapely, and more confidant. It took away the square part of my hips and butt to give more of an hourglass illusion. Once I tried these on together I fell in love with this cozy skirt. I also added flattering and elongating heels to enhance the overall look. Another way I can and will style this would be with a light, longer, open cardigan covering the back with a little tied tee showing in the front. What's fun about the Cassie is that due to the fabric it is easy to dress up (like I did below) or dress down. Like I mentioned before, I did not take Karina and Morgan's advice for styling this skirt for this particular look, but their ideas were great. Both recommended a more casual/fun look with something like a simple tee, in pink or blush, tied in the front, and with sandals. Keep that style idea in mind too! 

I did some not-so-extensive research on my go-to page, Google Images, to see how others styled the Cassie. Some ladies wore it as a tube-top with an open cardigan and I noticed others wore it as a scarf. To me, it's like when beauty bloggers make lipstick out of eyeshadow while already having enough actual lipstick to last a lifetime. I prefer to wear things as they are intended but I also love creativity... Whatever floats your boat I suppose:)  

If you would like a Cassie of your own, head to Karina's Facebook or Instagram pages. Find more look ideas and check out which new colors + patterns she has in stock!

Instagram: @lularoekarinajennings
Cell: 434-962-7180
How would you style the Cassie? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. First of all - I wish I had your butt and not my giant one!!! Second, I agree with your advice - its all about balance. I do like to wear pencil skirts because flared skirts make me look larger. But I pair it with a shirt like you do - balance!!!

  2. Where is this shirt from?! Love!