Saturday, July 22, 2017

How to Wear Nude Swimwear Without Looking Nude

Back in 2013, my naive-self thought it would be trendy and cool to wear a nude one-piece. After all, I was living on the coast of North Carolina for a few months and wanted some fun swimwear. I ordered it online because at that time in fashion, one-pieces were hard to come by. The website description labeled the suit as "shiny peach." I suppose it all makes sense now considering peaches are the emoji-epitome of a naked bum.  

As you can see by the photograph below, the suit was neither trendy nor cool, but a terrible fashion choice indeed. "Why are all those guys looking at me?" I thought. "Why are my mom and sister laughing so hard?" Luckily, my sister didn't pass the opportunity to forever preserve my ootd in all its snapchat story glory.  

So, from this experience I learned, you can wear a nude swimsuit, but you have to do it right! Below, I have three other suits, all nude, and none of which make me look 100% pure naked.

For the two bikinis below (*more like 1.5 bikinis below), I found a little hack on wearing nude without looking nude. My trick here was through ruffles and ties. Ruffles stand out and they add texture that is completely unlike being actually nude. My first suit pictured above was completely tight and smooth, like skin. Even though the color of the suit is dangerously close to my skin color, the tie-up front and bottom ruffles mark a clear distinction of what's me and what's the suit.  

Fun fact: My sister made me edit my mega-wedgie out of the picture above before posting it. However, typically I don't alter my photos other than color and exposure. 

Anyway, this suit below is only a different top. I ordered all three pieces from ASOS and they were all from different bikinis. Shopping sales means you have to be creative to find what's left over and in your size. I could make two suits from three pieces for less than $10 each, through sale-hunting. Luckily, the colors were just about a perfect match (to each-other not my skin!). Any difference can't be seen without an up-close comparison.  

While these bikinis were on great sales and feature unique styles, my only problem with them is that they are unlined. A lined suit is a sign of quality, not to mention it makes me feel more comfortable swimming in cold waters, if you know what I mean. eek! 

Lastly, a way to make nude work is by it being far from your skin tone. This last suit works because the nude tone is way more pale than me (thank you spray tan!). It also has a black bottom and black aplique details. Like the two above, this suit is also from an ASOS super-sale. Unfortunately, while it is really cool, made from quality materials, and super affordable, the fit on my body-type is bad enough that I won't be wearing it any time soon. 

Would you ever try a nude-tone suit? Let me know why or why not in the comments below!


  1. I would never wear a nude colored suit as that would highlight everything I am trying to hide!!! Floral with a skirt is perfect for me!!!

  2. Now that you've shown me the way! Thanks for the tips and tricks.πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘™

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