Monday, July 3, 2017

LuLaRoe: Amelia in the Amelia

Hello! I am back with my second LuLaRoe look in collaboration with Karina Jennings. In addition to a review for this awesome dress, I want to give you a bit more information on the brand. I am a sucker for entrepreneurial success stories especially when those entrepreneurs are female. In the case of LuLaRoe, a single mother of seven, with the desire to work from home, created this mega-popular company with a cult-like following in just a few short years. LuLaRoe, with a multi-level-marketing structure, offers a flexible work-from-home opportunity for women and mothers all over the country. Through pop-ups, Facebook parties, and more, these inspiring women are able to make a living selling high quality, comfortable, affordable, and fun pieces. I will be the first to admit that sometimes I shop whatever is most convenient and affordable, however, I am trying to be more conscious about where I shop and where my money goes. I am sure we can all agree that we would rather shop locally, like in this case, through an independent retailer, usually a mother, where your payment goes to a good cause rather than to a multi-millionaire's fourth vacation home. 

In this look I am wearing the "Amelia" in an XS. This style comes in a never-ending variety of colors, patterns, and textures. I have always wanted this dress since I first saw the style and it is not just because of the awesome name. The appeal of the Amelia to me is that is perfectly modest without the need to add layers. In addition to nearly perfect modesty (IMO), it is super comfortable and highly flattering. I can't think of a body-type where the Amelia wouldn't work. I like to hide the fact that I have little boy hips, so this dress is perfect for balancing out my shape due to the full skirt. If you have larger hips you want to balance, this skirt would also be a great choice! I honestly can't think of a shape that this dress wouldn't flatter. I decided to pair this dress with some mildly ridiculous, 70's inspired, suede Steve Madden platforms for fun. Other than the shoes, the flowers are my only other accessory.    

Pros: This dress has a thick, stretchy, high-quality fabric. My absolute favorite thing about the Amelia is that it has pockets! I know pockets are something every woman can agree on being a huge bonus in a dress. Like mentioned prior, it is highly flattering on my shape. This dress is fun and practical for Sundays when I teach primary, which is probably the way I will use it most often. I could also see myself wearing this to a dinner party or bridal shower. The overall cut is absolutely perfect for accommodating LDS modesty standards. I am a huge fan of dresses that are good "as is." Lastly, I love the sleeves! I am a cap sleeve hater just because of how unflattering they are on me but these are a little bit longer, form fitting, and super-stretchy. I am so glad I finally got to try the Amelia for myself because it is perfect!    

Cons: I tried really hard to find one so bear with me. Here I go. Typically I am not a fan of loud patterns and bright colors. Usually the Amelia dress comes in colors/patterns I wouldn't generally wear. I was very happy to get this dress in a solid color combined with a cool texture! I don't have any other purple clothes and I've needed something to match these crazy heels for years.   

This Amelia dress is from Karina Jennings and I would highly recommend following her on Instagram and Facebook! If you want to purchase an Amelia from Karina you can contact her through any of these methods listed below.

Instagram: lularoekarinajennings
Cell: 434-962-7180


  1. Omg! I love the dress, the color, the cut, and the name obviously! Very pretty!

  2. I would not shy away from that color any more! I love that the dress has stretch so it won't pull in the arms. I also love the box pleats which are far more flattering on ladies with hips ( me) that gathered waists that stick way out. Perfection!!!