Saturday, July 15, 2017

LuLaRoe: How To Style The Julia Dress

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Today I am going to show you my last (hopefully just for now!) and favorite look with Karina Jennings and LuLaRoe. Throughout the last three posts I've given you a little background on Karina and the ever-growing brand, LuLaRoe. In quick summary, this LDS-owned company features truly comfortable, modest, cute, quality, unique, versatile, fun, and practical clothing. I didn't know that until I got to know both Karina and the products she introduced me to. This is a brand I am more than happy to support and a cause I believe in. By that I mean, whenever possible, see if you can get what you're looking for through an independent local retailer. 

Julia Dress Pros: So, the "Julia" is a baseball-tee style dress. It is a light, thin, causal, 3/4 sleeved, knee-length dress. Just as with every other LuLaRoe product, this dress comes in what appears to be unlimited colors and patterns. I love this dress because it is cute and comfortable. I can wear it with heels or sneakers. This dress is something I can wear for simply lounging around my house, running errands, or going to church. I understand this dress-style comes in many colors, but I am so happy I scored this classic heathered-blue and coral print because it is so me! 

Julia Dress Cons: *See second to last photo* As you might be able to tell, the dress is thin (which is a pro). With lighter fabrics comes some sheerness in the skirt area. I drive my mom and sister crazy because I refuse to wear slips, so the same goes for this dress. Yes, this fabric can be sheer if I stretch it and there is a back light, but no, I still will not wear a slip.      

Style tips: I dressed this down with some old Vans. I figured with the navy-blue strip on my shoes they would pull this look together, so I suffered through the pain of these uncomfortable shoes for this look that I love. I used no accessories whatsoever because I am not one to wear jewelry often. Basically, simple shoes and this dress alone was all it took to form a cute look. Another way I will be wearing this is with a plaid top tied around my waist with sandals for a casual look. In the fall I will totally wear a long cardigan over this for a cozy look, with short booties. I also plan on throwing on some simple-heeled sandals and maybe a long necklace for church to dress this up while staying comfortable.        

I can't thank Karina enough for this awesome opportunity. After getting a sample of LuLaRoe's most popular styles, I can honestly say I love them all. The Leggings, the Cassie skirt, and Amelia dress were all fantastic products in addition to this Julia dress. These dresses, skirts, and leggings come in so many colors that there is something for everyone. There is no age limit to these classic pieces. The different prints allow a variety of personalities and personal styles to find something that suits them. I prefer more simple, muted colors, and LuLaRoe has more than enough for me. If you like wild, bright, and colorful clothes or accent pieces, then LuLaRoe is for you too. In fact, a couple weeks ago, Karina posted super-fun Disney printed skirts, tops, and dresses on her page! There is something for every body-type as well. If you aren't comfortable in more form-fitting pieces like the Cassie skirt or the Julia dress, try different styling techniques or sizes. Karina will wear a Julia in a couple sizes up for a looser look and longer hem, which is something I would definitely try. I listed some style tips for the Cassie skirt because I was uncomfortable in a pencil skirt. In the end, if you haven't already tried this brand, please do. I promise you won't be disappointed. 

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  1. I agree that this dress is very versatile. It looks great on you but would be a train wreck on me. As you have shown, this merchant has many different styles to choose from. Thanks for showing them all!