Saturday, August 5, 2017

Halloween Costume Tips

Hey friends!

Today as I sat in the bath at 6:00am with a UTI, as per usual, chugging water and dousing myself in peppermint oil, I started pondering the joys of this upcoming season. As I was most definitely not cut out for summer (pale, hairy, can't wear short shorts, etc), Fall is my jam. Yeah yeah... I know. Every basic white girl loves fall. While I don't care for pumpkin spice lattes (what's a latte anyway? #mormonproblems), Halloween is the highlight of my year. Ever since my childhood I have anxiously awaited the crisp air and creepy ambiance of October. In a home video from 1999 I stand in front of the camera in my yearly witch costume, with a green glow stick illuminating my face, excitedly exclaiming, "It's creepy tonight, mom! It's creepy out, right?"
Halloween has been part of my identity since childhood. 

Anyway, last October I threw a Halloween themed dinner party, "Practice Thanksgiving," as my family calls it. I sent formal invitations and asked that the guests arrive in their "Halloween best." As the date moved closer my mom informed me that dressing up in costumes, "stresses people out." I couldn't believe it. So here for this post I want to give you some super easy tips to make sure you show up this coming season looking awesome. Just don't be boring. Don't be that person... Mom.  

1. Wear ears: While that probably brings imagery of Mean Girls, "I'm a mouse, duh," it doesn't mean you have to wear lingerie and some random animal ears. In fact, all you have to do is wear your normal clothes. Your favorite black dress, plus black cat years, and perhaps a black nose dot (if you're feeling bold), and you have a legitimate and acceptable costume. That goes for all ears; mouse, cat, bunny, unicorn horn, zebra, IDGAF, it counts, okay? You guys, it is so easy and costs almost nothing! Remember, regular clothes plus ears is all it takes.

2. Group it up: Now, doing a group costume can be super awesome and fun. Here's the only hangup, in order to accomplish the group costume you need two things; creativity and friends. As much as I would LOVE to do a group costume and definitely have the creativity to do so, I have no friends. So, for those of you out there who have a clique, brainstorm now! Personally, I've always dreamed of being a polygamist for Halloween. I can do that because I'm Mormon. A less offensive idea that some cool girls did in high school that I haven't seen a million times already, was the seven deadly sins. It was creative and well executed. Each girl dressed according to their assigned sin. If I had six friends I would probably be gluttony. Another thing college girls like to do is all dress as the same thing in different colors. For example, while completely overdone, I've seen lots of girls dress at loofas. When you do a costume of that style, you have no limit to the amount that can participate (you know, for when you have a lot of friends). However, If you want to be the Powerpuff Girls, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, or whatever, you should definitely have an exact number. 

3. Take advantage of how you already look: I'm not saying that you're scary enough as is. I am saying that if you work with what you've got, you're costume has an incredible advantage and likely-hood to be awesome and memorable. I happen to resemble Scotty P. from We're the Millers. You don't know who that is but I'm sure you've seen the white trash looking kid with, "No Ragrets," tattooed to his chest in memes on FB. Well, I look weirdly exactly like him so I work with it. All I had to do was toss on a wife beater, eyeliner my tattoo on, and put on a hat. My big jaw and Adam's apple was the icing on the cake. In five minutes I had a decent costume. A girl from work once bluntly told me I should be a skeleton because I looked like a skeleton (we weren't even friends yet, is that rude? You know who you are... Joanna). I worked with it and came up with a super cool, pop-culturally relevant costume from her suggestion (Suicide Squad's El Diablo). My sister always joked about resembling Snape. With pure white skin and almost black hair, my Snow White looking sister can rock a Snape costume in seconds with what we have on hand. She wore a black turtleneck with her hair still in the sweater, and a cape. Thats all it took. Lastly, my long-haired, bearded, tall, husband needed last minute costumes two years in a row. The first year all he had to do was shave his mustache and buy a hat/bloody axe to portray a perfect Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. The next year we found my dads suspenders and used the axe from the year before to make a lumberjack costume. I'm a lumbersexual so I particularly enjoyed that look. So, take a look in the mirror or reflect back on any comments people have made about your (pop-culture, historic, real life, etc) doppelgängers and work with it.      

4. DIY: Guys, even if you don't think you're creative enough, do some research and try to do it yourself. I am not suggesting you sew your own costume, that is generally something reserved for the fanatics, but do try to make your costume through things you already have or can find cheap (Goodwill is a DIY goldmine). I went to one of those seasonal pop-up halloween shops this past fall with a friend looking for a cat costume. She picked a cheaply produced pre-made package with a black jumpsuit and all the other typical cat accessories. Of course, my bossy self had to step in and suggest she buy only a versatile plain black jumpsuit and borrow some of my extra ears and wear simple cat makeup. She saved over 50% the pre-made package cost and came out with an awesome costume she can use over and over. Her boyfriend wanted to buy a $50 packaged Superman costume. I suggested ordering a cheap Superman tee on amazon, and just doing that Clark Kent with super man shirt underneath business clothes thing. He won second in our work costume contest! Second to me of course (I voted for myself and won by one point so he basically won).   

4. Be festive: If you can't do anything else just be festive. Wear a sweater with a pumpkin on it. Wear black and orange. Put fake blood (ketchup, am I right) on your clothes. Bring candy. Whatever it is, just don't show up to a party or answer the door for trick or treaters like it's any other day.  

Alright guys, what are your best Halloween tips? If you don't like to dress up, why is that? I would love to hear what you think in the comments below! 

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  1. I agree with you - home made is best. Look in your closet - garage - basement and see what you can come up with. If nothing else, just put your clothes on backwards and go as a dyslexic. (is that un-PC)? One year in college I put on black stockings and leotard, put my bra and panties over it, hung a curtain rod over behind my head and over my shoulders with the curtains draping down the front of me and went as a woman standing in the window in my underwear. I won first prize! Don't be afraid - let your imagination soar!