Wednesday, September 13, 2017

What to Wear When Expecting a Food Baby

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Today, I'm going to give you my two-cents on what to wear when you're going on a lunch date to an Indian buffet and how to accommodate the inevitable food baby. First off, I like to pretend not to be a buffet person. I like to pretend I am above it. "Ugh, how gluttonous and tacky." Mention Golden Corral and see me scoff with condescending disapproval. I am going to come right out and say it's all a facade because Indian lunch buffets are amazing, and I am not ashamed to admit it. The first time I went to an Indian restaurant I had no idea what to order because I had no idea what anything was. D lived in Fiji for two years and ate Indian nearly daily as most people he lived amongst were Indian. Asking, "D, whats a roti? What's a masala? What's a paneer?" over and over. It's annoying, right? If you've never tried Indian before I highly recommend it. D and I love it because there are plenty of meat options for him and many veggie friendly options for me. Considering I have a fear of ordering food I don't like and feeling compelled to eat it, buffets are a safeguard against that. I would never ever ever send something back simply because I ordered something I didn't like. I realized a majority of Indian places have an affordable lunch buffet during weekdays, which is a perfect way to avoid ordering an unfavorable dish. It is a great way to attach names to dishes and see what's good through multiple trips over to the buffet line and multiple (emphasis on multiple) plates back to the table. 

So, you may ask yourself, "what do I wear to an Indian buffet" (Or any large meal for that matter)? Well, you'll never ask yourself that, but if you do plan on going anytime soon, heed my advice and you will be prepared to make the absolute most of your overindulgent experience. 


1. Wear something loose and baggy: A maternity-style dress should do just fine. You may not be having a human baby but you will have a food baby and food pregnancy is super uncomfortable in jeans or form-fitting tops. Don't wear a belt because then you'll have to discretely loosen it throughout your meal under the table. We've all done it. Be loose and free and you'll never have to worry about visibly coming home five pounds heavier. Check out all that extra space in my dress. Space = more room for rice.  

2. Don't wear expensive things: Don't wear white and don't wear something expensive. Indian food is usually based in vividly-colored sauces and it will get messy. No one wants a yellow, orange, or red stain down their top. D told me that Indo-Fijians eat with their hands. You don't have to do that if you don't want to, but if you do, don't be dressed in your finest. Wear something you can toss in the wash easily. No "dry clean only" allowed. I am wearing an affordable and practical LuLaRoe Carley dress that I was generously given as a gift from one of my best friends before I moved to Florida. Thank you Mo! 

 3. Wear flats: You will be making multiple trips to the buffet line and back and you want to be fast, agile, and stable. Don't risk wobbling in heels and dropping that beautiful plate of pilaf, naan, aloo gobi, and vegetable curry. Just don't. My secure and comfortable sandals are from T.J. Maxx, Madden Girl. Let nothing slow you down.

4. You're going to need a bigger bag: I would 94% most-likely never do this, but if you want to sneak a fluffy garlic naan home for your family/friends/dog/self, you can only do that successfully with a bigger bag! Don't put it in your pocket to save it for later (talking to you Napoleon Dynamite). I typically only use a teeny tiny cross body bag because I only carry my phone, chapstick, and cash - so this festive shell purse leaves far more room for naan neatly wrapped in a napkin *shhhh.* Plus, some places actually charge extra for leftover food, so always bring a bag. This purse is from ASOS and it could be a little bigger but couldn't be more appropriate for Florida living.

 5. No bras allowed: I basically never wear bras and one of those reasons is that they make me feel so constricted. You want all the room available to gorge yourself with food. Any slight discomfort can hinder your experience. Don't wear uncomfortable or constricting undergarments. Be free! A low-intensity sports bra could work too if you're afraid of bouncing your way back and forth from line to table.

6. Forget hair and makeup: As you can see I only curled half my hair. It was an accident. But it also doesn't even matter because the only thing you should be concerned about is your food and maybe your date. Chances are, if you're eating at 1:30pm on a Tuesday, you and your table mates will be the only ones there. That is good for two reasons: 1. Nobody is going to judge and 2. More food for you. And that's what its all about. Try something new and enjoy yourself. Indian food is awesome and you will conceive a food baby, guaranteed. I mean, worst case scenario, if some dishes are a little too much, there's always bread and rice, and everyone loves bread and rice. Carbs! Carbs! Carbs!

Dress: See local LuLaRoe consultant for more colors of the Carly dress. I know an awesome one if you need help!
Bag: Similar, yet more fun style here
Shoes: Similar here

Do you have a comfortable go-to dress or outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I am laughing myself silly. Spot on - nothing more to say - you nailed it!!!