Friday, October 27, 2017

My Easy Health Plan

Disclaimer: I am not a professional and my tips listed below are what I do personally and are what work for me. I am not offering any new top-secret information, as most of these tips can be found elsewhere or are common sense. I am not telling you to do this as I am not qualified and what works for me may not work at all for you. Take it with a grain of salt. Just a grain though, because too much sodium is bad. 

Moderation is a key component of my lifestyle (Sorry, I can't get over how pretentious the word "lifestyle" sounds as I've never used it and find it rather obnoxious). Anyway, I am extreme in nothing I do regarding diet and fitness. I have a long, long way to go and I like to think I am always progressing, even if it is slow and even if I backtrack frequently. My reasoning behind this is that I never want to get in a habit that I cannot reasonably maintain throughout my life. I never want to hit a peak in fitness because I ate the most calculated complicated diet and worked out four hours a day. That will only lead to disappointment in the long run. My goal is to be consistent and practical. If you have advice for me or want to share some things that work for you please let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear from you. 

1. Eat *Mostly* Healthy: Make good choices every day and indulge every now and then. Oatmeal with some flax seeds, chia seeds, almond milk, and dried fruit is my cheap and healthy go-to for breakfast. D calls it my bird food, but I feel awesome and full from it every time. I try to eat carbs before I workout or at the beginning of my day and I have protein after my workout. Sometimes I count calories and sometimes I don't. D and I go out to eat about one time per week and it is usually Del Taco or Taco Bell. I can make healthier vegetarian options through simple modifications. I usually sub beef for black beans or potatoes and it is every bit as good.  

2. Just Move: The gym is a big weak spot for me. My whole life I had sports, coaches, and activities to keep me active, even if it was just walking to class in college. Right now I have nothing but a gym membership and I have no clue what I am doing when I go. I wonder around, play on my phone, get bored and go home. I do love group fitness classes and those are a great way to make the most of your time while you're there. If you don't have a gym, I would recommend going on walks. I do not run. I will not run. I will run only in the case of an emergency. I hate it and it stresses me out. However, if you like it, find a safe place to burn some energy. I love walking so much and it is the basis of my "workout." I walk on an incline when at the gym and squeeze my butt muscles while doing so in hopes of developing a bubble butt. I also walk on the stair-master if no one else is monopolizing it. If I don't have access to the gym, I might walk around the block or do crunches during Netflix. 

   3. It's Okay to be Frugal: You do not need to spend a fortune to live a healthy lifestyle. Right now, I really can't afford fresh fruits and vegetables as much as I would love having daily access to them. I get bananas and apples sometimes but there are many days where I eat no fresh fruits or veggies. I know thats probably terrible. For me, eating healthy on a budget consists of frozen fruit, oatmeal, nuts, loads of black beans, tofu, tons of brown rice, greek yogurt, hummus, dark chocolate, tortillas, salsa, and peanut butter. I even recently started eating frozen broccoli (I thought I hated broccoli all this time). I eat very simply and I snack all day long (I call it grazing) rather than cook three full meals. I just can't do that right now, nor do I care to at the moment. "But don't you cook for your husband every night?" -every old lady ever. No, not right now. I have my food and he has his and we are perfectly happy with that. Also, you don't need to wear Lululemon, Nike, Adidas, etc, to have a good workout. Having quality workout clothes is important but $100 for plain, black leggings? Come on. I got almost all my clothes for the gym from T.J Maxx, Poshmark, or the Nike clearance store. I have some nice brands but I will never pay full price for them. Lastly, in regards to frugality, you don't need a fancy membership or personal trainer. You can workout in your living room if you have to. See the Kayla Itsines programs if you don't believe me! I'm sure it would be nice to have a trainer if you can afford it and I plan on having one when I have money (in like forty years) but for now, it is possible to get by without one. Watch youtube, research online, look on Instagram. You have the resources available to come up with a plan.  

4. Set Goals: I am just learning now how important it is to create personal goals, whether it is a total lifestyle renovation or just a goal to make it to the gym a few days a week. It is okay if your goals are small. I recently made a goal to be able to do one pull-up. Just one. It may seem borderline pointless but it is something I can keep in mind while at the gym and I can't wait to achieve that goal and then surpass it. I also have a goal to figure out food prep. I even stole some food prep boxes from my sister, which is a great start. When it comes to goals I think it is super helpful to write them down. I keep them somewhere that I can always see them (whiteboards are the best but a phone note works too). Even a note reminding yourself to drink enough water is helpful.

5. Water is the Essence of Wetness and Wetness is the Essence of Beauty: Basically, just drink water all the time. Don't indulge too much on any other beverage (alcohol, coffee, soda, etc). I really only drink water and occasionally almond milk or apple cider vinegar drinks. Drinking the appropriate amount of water is something I know is extremely beneficial but I still struggle finishing my 64 ounces. I noticed my skin is so much better when I am drinking a lot. When I get UTIs I chug water all night and the next day I am always pleasantly surprised by my skin (while simultaneously disappointed in my hyper-sensitive bladder). Drinking more water makes me feel more full, so I eat less, which is a huge benefit. My waistline is visibly smaller when I am on track with my H20 intake. Most importantly, it helps ward away my UTIs. Strive for clear pee my friends. Set a water goal and see how it positively benefits you!

Here are some pictures in an outfit I got from Old Navy on sale. I have yet to actually work out in a sports bra. I don't really know how I feel about it yet but am open to discussion. I also have yet to workout in this entire ensemble as I feel the pink on pink on pink is a little much. It was the only color on sale! Either way, I think it is a fun set.


What are you favorite healthy lifestyle tips? Let me know in the comments below!  


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