Sunday, October 29, 2017

Rainy Day Metallic Pleats

Hey everyone!

Thank you for stopping by. For this little post I am showcasing a skirt that I let sit in my ASOS cart for months and months. I couldn't decide if it was really cool or tacky. After a while I decided that for the sale price it was pretty dang cool. I definitely struggle with styling skirts so a little grey crop top from Forever 21 is the best I could do. I could've done better with the shoe selection too. Oh well! 

Today it is all about the skirt

While ASOS has always featured midi metallic pleats, this season I am seeing them everywhere else! Even though this specific one is now out of stock, a quick search on ASOS (or any other shop for that matter) should provide plenty of varying metallic skirt styles. Here are just a few that I found easily. 

Solid bronze from Ann Taylor $98  
Solid silver from Neiman Marcus on sale $78
Solid gold from Forever 21 $38
Tri-colored from ASOS on sale $58
Black and silver from ASOS $56

Basically, you can find them anywhere right now. Look around and find a fun pleated skirt for fall! I took my photos here in August back in Virginia. However, I think this style is much more suited for fall. Dress for the season with a jacket and booties or heels and a sweater. Have fun!

What do you think of the metallic skirt trend?

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