Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Can You Still Look Good in Cheap Clothes?

Hey guys!

Did you know you can still look like a goddess in cheap clothes? I did. Which is why I've been a big supporter of Forever 21 for the past few years. It is very true that F21 sucked hardcore back in my high school days. They made flimsy clothes that were bright and tacky. It was known for having cheap clothes and it still is. My mom always called them "disposable clothes," which might have been true at one point, but has been far from my experience. Sure, we would go in high school for a fun outfit for a costume or for spirit week, but now F21 holds a whole new purpose for me.

The store itself stinks so bad. Like literally, the one at Tyson's Corner Mall smelled like fast food and trash. The store is huge, messy, overwhelming, and stressful. The checkout lines are often long, many of the sale clothes are damaged, and if you find something you like you better buy it because you will never find it again. So yes, Forever 21 is the worst! 

However, in my experience, if you shop online and wait for good sales on already-affordable clothes, you can have a good experience. Nothing I own from this store has fallen apart and all of it looks nice. I love telling someone I got something (for whatever crazy-low price) from Forever 21 when they expected something else. A few years ago F21 revamped their look and began offering thousands of modest, classic, and neutral-colored pieces. No more neon mini-skirts with cutouts and lace trim. I can honestly say I love this store (right now, at least).    

This black lace and nude bodysuit dress below can be found HERE
I got mine on an awesome buy-one-get-one sale, so in the end it was only about $7.50. You can get it now for about $27, which is still pretty awesome. When it came in the mail, I thought that the lace would feel flimsy and cheap. I am happy to announce I was so wrong. The lace is thick and luxurious, which causes it to hold a nice full shape. While the bodysuit beneath is not removable, it fits me so well. I don't know how to make it modest yet without serious alterations, so I used it on my sister instead. The only problem was that her butt was visible through the lace because the bodysuit fit her more like a thong. I paired the dress with some zip-up riding boots from Ariat. I've been wearing this style since I was a little kid for riding purposes. I think they look great outside of the barnyard too. You can find them here.  

Also note, these are my photos and I love them. I finally have a professional quality camera and lens. I know how to edit and I have a natural eye for composition. I hope you love them too and would allow me to shoot a personal, couple, or family portrait for you one day! Email me for rates or more info. 

What is your experience with Forever 21? 

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