Saturday, January 13, 2018

"New Year New Me"

Happy 2018!

People get pretty dramatic right before the start of a new year. "New year new me," type posts flood my Facebook and Instagram feed, and that's okay. But how often do people keep their goals? Do we need to wait till a certain date to begin to better ourselves? Gym attendance is sparse the last weeks of the year as opposed to January first. That is okay too. People want to be better and I respect that. I also don't mind the idea of setting a date to start a new habit if you have to. What I want to know is why we seldom follow through.

On December 31st 2015 I made a goal to read a book in 2016. I know you're judging me super hardcore right now but I need to share my dismal failure to maybe help someone else. I am not a reader and I never have been one. I intend fully to learn to enjoy books over time and I am working on it. Anyway, A week before the end of 2016 I still did not read a legitimate book (by legitimate I mean lengthy and dense). I grabbed "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter," from D's bed side stand and took it on my trip to Arizona. I took it out on the plane, read a few words, and put it away. I decided to doodle instead. The week passed quickly and on December 30th I realized I had one day to fulfill my goal. I still put it off. By the time the ball dropped in Time's Square I completed one chapter. I put the book back in my bag never to be opened again.

At that point, based on my dreadful failure for 2016 I realized I needed new goals and I needed to take them seriously in order to better myself. In a small memo notebook (I always have one on me for lists, ideas, plans, etc.) I listed some resolutions for 2017. It consisted of healthy living, waking up early (lol), reading more, develop/strengthen talents, making a blog (hey!), and keeping a daily journal. 

As we now approach 2018 I wanted to evaluate my resolutions and see if I actually accomplished anything. In regards to eating healthy, working out, and waking up early, I did okay. I did not do great by any means though, especially the waking up early thing. I read nothing new (I know, I know...I'm the worst and it is very embarrassing). I did make a blog and I am glad I did. It is definitely off to a decent start and it has been a fun hobby. Finally, my goal to journal somehow took off and to my surprise I began to write daily. 

This is by far the resolution I am most proud of. It is the first new years goal I've ever made that I kept fully. I found a site online that offers journaling and the opportunity to print into a book at any time. I wrote a little bit about my day every single day of the year. I've always been obsessed with preserving memories in the form of photos, videos, writing, and more. Some days I wrote one sentence and some days I wrote multiple paragraphs. In January I plan to print my 2017-365 days of journaling into a book for my own reference and possible family history one day. Taking five minutes every day was enough to maintain this single goal. Even though my other goals faded off into the background, the feeling of achievement is totally worth taking my 2018 goals just as seriously. 

This year when you make your goals I would suggest making something manageable. Start small and work your way up. If the goal is too big then it is possible to become overwhelmed and quit early on. Either way, making a goal and having a mindset of personal progression is such a good quality. If you don't know what to do for your resolution I would recommend starting a journal. Even if you only write weekly or less, it is so nice to have as a reference for now and your future. There are so many free online journals you can access anytime on your devices. I use for mine because I like writing on my phone and the option to print a book. Another idea would be to eat less junk and move more. You don't need to say you have to workout every day and go vegan because that really isn't practical for most people. Make your goals realistic and try to keep at least one!

This year I want to better myself in skills and hobbies, speak and think more positively, become conversationally proficient in Spanish, live a healthier life (of course), blog weekly, and continue to journal daily. I also just added a little tab at the top of my blog for "Personal Styling," just to try something new and fun this year. Why not? What are your New Year's resolutions for 2018 or some past successes/failures? Let me know in the comments below!  

Here are a few photos from my trip back to Virginia for New Year's. My sister took them and they are the best photos she ever took by a long shot!

Oh, since this is a "fashion blog" let me mention my outfit pieces real quick. My leggings are from Pink and they have holes all over (even one on my butt). I've had them since I was 16. My coat was $7 at Forever21 and I have a post specifically about it from last year. My hat is from Lord and Taylor and it was a gift from my mom. It can be found here. It is too expensive for me but it was a gift. My shoes are from TJ Maxx and my local neighborhood Pit Bull ate one shortly after this photo. 

Miniature White Horse

White Miniature Horse

White Miniature Horse and Woman



  1. I never keep my resolutions, but I am really going to try this year. I am going to pare down all my belongings. So far, so good. I also want to get up early, which is going well - I have so much more of the day! I can't read either! Just keep up with your writing and art and that will be great!

  2. I've had the resolution to read more and access social media less, with the exception of Stewie's account that I manage. So far, it hasn't been easy. 😂 I do feel that at the end of each year, when I look back, I've learned a lot through my experiences. I wish you all the best in the new year! I'm looking forward to your coming posts.