Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Update on Life

Welcome back,

So, quite a bit has changed since my last post on resolutions! 

Just a couple weeks ago, while living happily in Orlando, D got a job offer at a university in Utah. Hours following the call we packed our few things and got approved for an apartment in Layton. That was easy because we didn't have much with us in Florida (bikinis and shorts don't take up too much room). The next day we loaded our cars and drove to Virginia. We gathered up the rest of our material things from my parent's home, rented a tiny U-Haul trailer, booked a couple Airbnb homes, and left for Utah four days later. I drove my little Jetta with Pea riding shotgun and D drove the truck with the trailer. We got to Utah in three days with the help of Taco Bell, Burger King, Red Bull, and Subway. 

Now that we are here we are hunting down furniture and decor to outfit our tiny place. We are shopping exclusively on Facebook Marketplace and the local thrift stores. So far we've gotten a huge couch, a TV stand, a heavy wooden desk, a tall bookshelf, and end table for less than $90 total. Oh, and shame on all you people who never told me about Deseret Industries because I am obsessed!       

I still have no idea what I want to do but I need a job ASAP! For fun I definitely want to take photos and blog. However, another fake-blonde photographer/blogger is the dead last thing Utah needs right now, right? Could I be more basic? So far I've noticed the people are incredibly kind, the cost of living is low, scenery is beautiful, and the roads are pure 100% trash.  

In the photos below I'm in my mom's coat, my $12 DSW boots, and my faded old VS leggings. I linked the hat in my previous post. My friend B took these pictures so we could practice with my camera. The simpleton outfit was just what I happened to be wearing, as it was not meant to be a "look." It was below freezing and painful outside but the light was too pretty to let pass! Lastly, I've since chopped off about half of my hair's length and I love it both ways!


  1. I have a job idea for you that would harness your photography talent, but it is not a short term solution. You should take pictures of people's children and pets. It would be a great side business which could lead to more. Make a facebook page with your photos as your website and make up some business cards to hand out. The hardest part will be marketing yourself because you are a very humble person, but people will very quickly see your talent. Go for it!!!

  2. I totally intend to do start a small photography business on the side. The only problem is that here in Utah the field is super saturated... I guess that should motivate me to be the best!

  3. Yes, the photography business is incredibly saturated here, but I think you've got a good chance of rising to the top. While there are lots of photographers, 95% of them are absolute garbage -- hunting for someone to do engagement photos was a nightmare -- and so you'll get a lot of customers your photography skills (it was your photography that brought me to this site).

    Keep on keeping on. I'll send people your way if they ask for recommendations, as my photographer of choice is no longer in Utah. :)

    1. Aw thank you so much for your kind words! I definitely have a ton of competition especially just as a little newbie. I hope I can rise to the top! Thank you again... My last few clients found me through word of mouth so anything helps!