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Beachbody Review

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Things are going well in Utah. D loves his job and I still need one. So far I've done a little photography and loved every second of it. I really hope I can continue to do photos on the side. If you know anyone in the area who needs photos for bridals, engagements, maternity, family, senior, or whatever send them my way!

Because things have been a little crazy lately I haven't gotten around to writing a review for Beachbody on Demand! My dear friend Jade is a coach and wanted me to try the products and share my results. 

The product: 
-Beachbody is a workout program that you can do in the comfort of your own home. You can stream over 700 workout videos on your devices rather than use a DVD or go to the gym. 
-Shakeology is a superfood-packed protein supplement designed to deliver the nutrients you need to lose weight, reduce unhealthy cravings, and provide energy.

The pros:
Beachbody: Okay, so for those of you who feel nervous at the gym (like me!) this is an awesome product for you. The fact that you can choose which videos of hundreds you want to try is a huge plus. Finding a video that worked for me was no problem. I chose something light to get back into fitness slowly. I wasn't sure which would be best but Jade was very helpful and sent me in the right direction. I wanted something that required no weights or other equipment other than my own bodyweight. I also wanted something that emphasized flexibility. I had no problem filtering the results down to something that worked for me. The best thing about this program is that it is convenient to wherever you are, there is something for everyone of every fitness level, there are proven results (you obviously still have to work hard for those). Another good thing about the program is that there are several price points. If you want to start off with something simple, thats totally fine. This program really caters to your individual fitness, diet, and financial needs. If you have kids this program is super convenient because you workout whenever you want, at home, so you don't need to worry about finding child care. 
Shakeology: I got to try some samples of the chocolate protein and nutrient formula and I was pleasantly surprised! I have a vanilla protein that I have to choke down because it tastes like play dough. I've learned over the years it is extremely hard to find a decent tasting protein. I wanted to know what Shakeology tasted like prepared in the most simple form, so I just mixed it with water. Usually I try to mask the taste through baking or making smoothies. This one was really good as is! It was rich and significantly more enjoyable than the other mixes I have tried. If you just want something with nutrients that you can easily access every day then this is a good product to try. If it is great mixed only with water then it would be really good blended into a shake or smoothie.  

The cons:
Beachbody: Something I noticed that I had to be careful about with the videos I tested was that I live on the third floor of an apartment building. I have to be careful about doing anything that could disrupt my neighbor below. I had to be aware of the videos I selected and make sure there was no cardio type dance or jumping involved. Luckily I hate doing things like that anyway so I stuck to more pilates/yoga/simple body weight exercises. I know this won't be an issue for most people but it is something I noticed. In order to combat this issue I had the option to take my devices to the gym to stream videos there. Another con is that some people enjoy going to the gym for in person support and a sense of community. However, even though this is a product you do on your own, the Beachbody community is really big. You will have a coach checking in on you to make sure you're staying motivated and doing well! You can also join free online fitness groups run by the coach so you have a community motivating you every step of the way. I love following Jade on Instagram and watching her stories to get motivated and learn different tips/tricks. She is able to balance so much (35 weeks pregnant/family/a toddler/work/etc.)  and still get her workout in which definitely motivates me and others. 
Shakeology: I honestly can't think of anything I did not like with this product. It is definitely something I would add to my daily routine. For 160 calories you get 17 grams of protein, amino acids, vitamins, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and more. It's pretty awesome. I definitely need some more!  

Overall, Beachbody is a really amazing program in which tons of people benefit. Fitness is something that has always been important to me. I've tried many gyms, programs, classes, and so on, and this is one of the best and most convenient I've tried. If you are nervous to get into working out regularly this is a good place to start. You don't have to worry about leaving home to go to a gym. You don't need to worry about people judging you and you can pick a program specifically for you needs. I highly recommend reaching out to my friend Jade. You can find her on instagram: @jadealexanderfitness (Her Instagram links to her website)

Thank you for everything Jade!

I thought it would be appropriate to share some photos from the beach last month! My suit is ASOS here (Warning: these run very small and fit like a sports bra with no lining. It took me two returns to find one that fit), my shorts are a $5 TJ Maxx find, my shoes are from Off Saks, and my button down is Urban Outfitters. These were taken a few days before I cut off my hair and moved from Orlando to Utah. This was probably the last time I will be on a beach for a very long time. 

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Have you tried Beachbody? If so, what do you think?

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