Friday, May 4, 2018

Winter to Summer Transition: The Cardigan

Hey Everyone!

Welcome back. I've been writing a bit, but not posting as often as I would like. I've been spending my time taking photos rather than being in them and it's turning into quite the nice little hobby. I actually booked two flights to Virginia within the next six months just for photo sessions! I love love love shooting for people!

Anyway, for today's post I want to talk about a piece that I think is perfect when transitioning from Winter to Summer: A long cardigan!

(I skipped Spring because mother nature did too this year)

I've always loved cardigans, especially long ones, because they offer the perfect amount of coverage, warmth, and versatility. Whenever I fly on a plane my go-to piece is a long cardigan because unlike sweaters, they keep you warm but are super-easy to remove. I also am a believer that leggings, so long as they aren't sheer or up your butt, are pants, so long cardigans are perfect for covering the bum in leggings. 

I love this specific cardigan because I like the open-knit look, the neutral color, the soft fabric, the perfect length, and the ability to pair it with anything during any season. During the fall (these photos look like the fall but I promise it is sunny and warm here!) this would work perfect with boots and leggings. During the winter I would love wearing this to work or layering under a long coat. For the summer I would wear this with little denim shorts and a plain white tee during cool nights on the beach. The possibilities are endless! Cardigans are perfect for me because I can use them all year long for so many different looks. You know I hate seeing items of clothing go to waste, so this is perfect because I'm guaranteed to need it often. I also think long cardigans are super-helpful in making outfits more modest by providing varying amounts of extra coverage. When I'm wearing a form-fitting dress to church I always pair it with a neutral cardigan like this one because it makes the look cozier and I feel more comfortable. I also love the option to wrap yourself up when it gets a little colder or when you notice one too many creeps checkin' you out. Today I thought I would pair it with a simple top and distressed jeans. I wore a pair of platform sandals because I need hight in my photos, but when I wear this outfit out I prefer my simple little sneakers. 

Shop this look:

Jeans: Thread 

Cleo Madison is awesome because all of their clothes are modest and affordable. I love finding boutiques with those characteristics. I also found this post on their blog which totally explains my feelings on modesty which is awesome! I rarely see people focus on anything other than the physical coverage so that was refreshing. I've mentioned many of those points on my blog in the past. You can find it here!

What is your favorite thing to wear while transitioning seasons? Let me know in the comments below!

Lastly, I get a lot of questions about my camera/lens/edits. I use a Canon. For these photos I used a 50mm 1.8 because it is only $125 (literally the cheapest lens). For my clients I use a nice lens. For my editing I make all my own presets on Adobe Lightroom. 

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